Google Home Review: An Amazing Home Speaker That Gave A Run For Its Money To Amazon Echo’s Alexa

Great looks

If there’s one thing that can be said about Google Home, it’s certainly the best-looking of the smart speaker group. It’s small enough to sit unobtrusively on a table, without taking up too much space, and the combination of bone-white shell and quad-coloured LEDs make for a modern, classy aesthetic. Not to mention it’s shorter than the Amazon Echo Plus, so it’s not likely to tip over if your dog’s wagging tail or your kid’s wandering hand bumps against it. Google Home’s predominantly white with a unique shape, whereas the Amazon Echo’s largely black (albeit it comes with textured sleeves). For your living room’s decor, the Google Home feels more lively and will definitely be a centre-piece, whereas the Amazon Echo obsidian looks might be a bit foreboding.


The first complement that will be made about Google Home is certainly its look. Among all the smart speakers, it’s the best-looking speaker. It is so small in size that it can be keep on the table unobtrusively, without occupying much space. It also looks pretty classy. The combination of quad-colored LEDs and bone-white shell looks elegant and attractive. You are very familiar with its size that it is smaller even than Amazon Echo Plus. Not to mention that Google Home came predominantly white in  color with a unique shape, whereas Amazon Echo is a large and black in color. Where Amazon Echo looks a bid foreboding by its obsidian look, Google Home could definitely be a center piece giving elegant look for your home decor.

Sound quality

The Google Home will blow your roof sky high when it comes to the sound quality or audio. It owns a pretty good audio system. It has got an extremely good and clear sound system that you can never expect from a similar sized Bluetooth speaker. It’s just that we have set our minds for those recently seen portable sound systems, and this one has yet not reached to those lofty standards. But any ways, it will surely reach up to your expectations in your amazing weekend house parties. But in comparison with Google home, Amazon Echo Plus is far better than it in sound department.


Virtual assistance

Just like Google Home, no one does the work done when it is said to be done. With Google search and all the natural language processing at your ejection, and it’s not often that it will not fulfill your request.  Regardless of the fact that how strong you are at your accent, the assistant can understand you perfectly almost, and all this is possible because of the addition of English compatibility. A different and pity voice used for Google’s India assistant is accented so that it is almost a caricature, and this sometimes make us to switch over other option that is British English.

But Google Home can do tons of things for you and so there’s a lot to stuff Google Home. You can even play songs off Gaana, Google Play Music, Saavan, Apple Music and many more. You don’t even have to specifically ask for the song to play. What you have to do is that just pick one broad category or playlist, and the rest will be taken care of by the Google Assistant. Your music request is just one line, with your default language set and music app.


Google Home Price In India & Availability

Google Home Mini and Google Home are now available officially in India on Flipkart. The price of Google Home smart speaker is Rs 9,999 and that of Google Home Mini is just Rs 4,499.





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