12 Tremendous Ways to Avoid Daytime Sleepiness!

Almost every person likes sleeping in the day time. But excessive sleepiness for some people gets in many ways like childcare, daily work or leisure activities. And this state of sleepiness occurring repeatedly even when you are at work is known as hypersomnia.

You won’t accept, but the fact is that the problem of falling asleep in the daytime generally starts at night. Due to the reason of missing few nights’ sleep and getting interrupted sleeps can make your mood sour and slow down your body.

Bad sleep habits will often make you feel sleep in the day time. Before going through weaker, crabby and unsteady days, try these 12 best ways that will avoid your daytime sleep and will improve your nighttime sleep.

  1. Get adequate nighttime sleep.

Kit may sound strange, but most of us yield to reduce one or two hours off our sleep either at night or in the morning to do different things. Adults require seven hours to nine hours sleep, and teenagers usually require a full sleep of complete nine hours. You must take out nine hours for night sleep.

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  1. Keep distractions out of bed

According to Avelino Verceles, MD, director of school’s sleep medicine fellowship and assistant professor at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine, says that “Reserve your bed for sleep and sex”. Some of the things should be avoided doing in bed, such as playing video games, watching TV or using laptops, etc. Besides things like heated discussions or doing bills should also be avoided doing in bed. They may also be the cause of awake.

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  1. Set a consistent wake-up time

Those people who are facing the problem of sleepiness are most often advised to go early in the bed and get up every day at the same time, even on weekends. But according to Barry Krakow, MD, medical director of Maimonides Sleep Arts and Sciences Ltd., in Albuquerque, N.M., and author of Sound Sleep, Sound Mind, for a person suffering from insomnia and already facing problem falling asleep, should not randomly set a perfect bedtime as it may become the cause of frustration.

Alternatively, Krakow suggested that start out by setting only a wake-up time. And continue with that for the first few weeks or a month even so that a rhythm could be established. In order to secure the circadian rhythm, the process of getting up at the same time always will help. And if this cycle is continued even if you have a bad night, then also you will feel asleep the next bed time.

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  1. Gradually move to an earlier bedtime

Getting into a constant schedule of going to bed earlier 15 minutes every night could be another approach. Then gradually adopting this schedule usually works better than a sudden try to sleep earlier.

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  1. Set consistent, healthy mealtimes

Apart from regular sleep times, taking mealtime in a definite pattern helps to regulate our rhythm of circadian cycle. Rather than grabbing a cup of coffee or doughnut or sandwich in the morning, that prevents energy deficiency during day time leading to aggravation of your sleepiness, try to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch on time. Also try to complete eating meal at least two hours before going to bed.

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  1. Exercise

Regular exercise is also a boon for a good sleep as it offers multiple benefits. Aerobic exercise helps to fall asleep easier and sleep more deeply without any disturbance. Doing exercise daily makes you more energetic during daytime and keeps your thinking sharp. And you will get more benefits if you exercise outside in daylight. Sleep experts recommends an exposure of 30 minutes a day in sunlight as daylight helps to adjust our sleep patterns.





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