Try These Yoga Poses to Lose Your Belly Fat!

One of the most obstinate fat in our body is belly fat for which almost all people make violent efforts to burn it off. In order to increase our confidence level and to stay healthy, it is significant to get rid of belly fat.

Apart from unattractive and unprepossessing looks, belly fat will put you at a higher risk of diabetes, fatty liver disease and blood pressure.

You can get rid of this stubborn fat through a healthy diet and good exercise regimen. In addition, you can practice some yoga poses that target your abdominal area and help you lose fat quickly.

Good exercise and a healthy diet can help you to get rid of this stubborn belly fat. Besides, you can also practice some traditional way such as yoga poses that will help you burn your belly fat quickly by targeting your abdominal area.

Note: Remember that, if you are suffering from heart problems, hip pain, joint pain, hernia, high blood pressure, back pain, arthritis or aliped disc, then avoid these yoga poses.

Moreover, they are not suitable for those women who are going through menstruation and pregnancy. And also for those people who have recently gone through any surgeries involving spine, lungs, abdomen or brain, practicing these yoga poses are not suitable.


  1. Mill Churning Pose 

The effectual yoga poses imitate the motion used while operating a manual traditional grinder, common in almost all villages of India. It not only help to burn stubborn belly fat, but also helps to reduce post-pregnancy fat.

Along with reducing abdominal fat, this yoga pose tones the abs, thigh muscles, back and arm, and also the uterine muscles in females which helps them to regulate menstrual cycle. It also improves your digestion and strengthens your chest and thighs.

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  • Sit in a pose with legs stretched out in front of you, and spread them part as far as possible.
  • Also stretch your arms out keeping it in front of your chest, and your fingers interlock.
  • Forming big circles, rotate your hand in a clockwise direction and remember that your legs are not lift up and knees are not bend.
  • Breathe in when you move backward to the left, and when you move forward to the right, then breathe out.
  • In the same way, make at least 10 rounds, first in clockwise direction, then repeat the same in counter clockwise direction.
  • Finish the exercise by relaxing and sitting comfortably, until your breathing comes to normal.


  1. Bow Pose

The Bow Pose is quite helpful in losing excess fat as well as belly fat. Moreover, it also helps in strengthening the muscles of your ankles, groin, back, abdomen, thighs and chest.

In addition, it also treats gastrointestinal problems, improves the functioning of pancreas, large and small intestine and live, improves digestion and promotes blood circulation.


  • On your stomach, lie down, keeping your legs stretched out and placing your chin on the floor.
  • When you breathe in, raise your legs up and bend your knees towards your backside, holding your ankles with your hands.
  • Now rise up slowly and lift off your chest from the floor looking straight ahead.
  • Now remain in this position for 20 seconds while holding your breathe. The whole weight of your body should lie on your abdomen.
  • Now breathe out slowly and come to the starting pose.
  • Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.
  • Now, relax finally for some time and take deep long breaths for 1 minute.



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