Animals Having Longest Lifespans!

  1. Greenland Shark

These sharks can reach ages of 200 years old although one individual was found that was 400 years old – making it the oldest vertebrate in the world. They live so long because they grow very slowly. They grow about 1cm a year and reach maturity at about 100 years old, now that’s a long childhood!

Greenland Shark-netmarkers

  1. Ocean Quahog

Some collected specimens have been calculated to be more than 400 years old. These animals show exceptional longevity with a highest reported age, for ‘Ming’ the clam, of 507 years. The clam so named as it would have been alive during the Ming Chinese Dynasty.


  1. Immortal Jellyfish

A very unique jellyfish which can revert back to its premature state when exposed to stress or injury. Whilst this means it is biologically immortal, in practice they don’t live forever and get injured and eaten just like other animals.

Immortal Jellyfish-netmarkers

  1. Greenland shark

These sharks are mostly found in Arctic waters. They grow slowly to an average length of 18 feet. They rummage in search of food and gets easily attracted to the smell of rotting meats in the ocean. Compared to other sharks, these are known to live primarily deeper in ocean depths. A radiocarbon testing done by a group of scientists on the eye lens of 28 female sharks and determined that their lifespan can reach up to at least 272 years. They found that the Greenland shark are the longest living vertebrate that is known to man.


  1. Geoducks

Geoducks are native to Puget Sound and these are large saltwater clams. They are popularly known to live for more than 150 years. They are known by their siphons or long necks, which can even grow to 1 mater long.


  1. Tuatara

The word “dinosaur” is commonly used to describe an old person, but when it refers to a tuataras, the term is perfectly metaphorical. The two species of tuatara alive today are the only surviving members of an order that flourished about 200 million years ago — they are living fossils. They are also among the longest-lived vertebrates on Earth, with some individuals living for between 100 and 200 years.


  1. Lamellibrachia tube worms

They are found in different colors. These colorful deep sea animals are basically tube worms. They are known to live along hydrocarbon vents on the ocean floor. They are popularly known to live for approx. 170 years. But some scientists have determined that some of these have even lived for more than 250 years.



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