Animals Having Longest Lifespans!

  1. Clams

Clams are found to be one of the oldest animals on this earth who can live for long time. Whether you believe it or not, but the fact is that one of the clam made a record who lived for 507 years before it was taken out from the ocean in the year 2006. The scientists then after realized their mistake for plucking them out of the sea that the clam lived since 507 years. Initially they thought that it was 405 years ago, but due to the dating of carbon, it lived for 500 years.

After the incident, the scientists felt extremely bad and they regret for their mistake. They then named the poor creature as “Ming” after the dynasty during which he was born.

The deep sea clams that stay out of harm’s way can live easily up to 200 years.


  1. Tubeworms

Two-metre long tubeworms, discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, have been around for between 170 to 250 years. In the colder, more sedate environment, it took these worms that amount of time to reach that height.

That’s fairly slow, compared to tubeworms found in warmer climates, which took one year to grow the same amount.


  1. Red Sea Urchin

Found only on the West Coast of North America, the Red Sea Urchin keeps itself away from stormy water conditions by crawling along the ocean floor on its spine. These can live up to 200 years.


  1. Bowhead whale

Bowhead Whale are popularly known as the longest living mammal and it is known to live for more than 200 years. If they stay out of the path of whalers, they will surely survive for more than 200 years. A discovery recently done by researchers found that a bowhead whale with a spear tips still stuck in its flesh. These ivory tips were said to be found more than 200 years ago.

Bowhead Whale-netmarkers

  1. Harriet

Because of their age, some of the animals became immensely popular. They are popularly known as long living animals. One of the most famous example is Harriet who was native to Steve Irwin. She died at the age of 175 due to heart failure, living her famous owner who lived for more than 100 years. He was popularly known as Charles Darwin, and he was well accompanied by Harriet on a ship known as HMS Beagle.


  1. Tuataras 

The tuatara are native to New Zealand. It is a reptile which resembles most lizards. It is a part of distinct lineage, order Rhynchocephalia. These are amazing reptile which are popularly known to live long with a life span of 100 to 200 years, and some of them for even more.


  1. Horses 

The modern domestic horses has an expected life for 25 to 30 years, depending on their management, environment and breed. Unfortunately, some of these animals live into their 50’s, and occasionally some of them even live beyond that. The oldest record of them which was found was “Old Billy”, a horse belonging to the 19th century who lived to the age of 62.



So, these are some of the longest living creatures on thus earth. There might be a question in your mind that how these creatures survive for so longer time. Actually our scientists have been working on this subject. The reason is not found yet. Till now we can only think that how difficult it could have been for these creatures to live for so longer time.

Wildlife is one of the most essential part of our ecosystem. It is good to know that there have been certain creatures who lived so long, and we expect more to see such creatures. We must respect wildlife and take a good care of them. We should stand against the wildlife hunting in order to save wildlife. People should be aware that there are certain creatures on this earth whose species are rarely found and are becoming extinct, for example white tiger. If we do not stop wildlife hunting, then a time will come when there will be some animals who could not be seen anymore and will only remain in our history.


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