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Whether you admit it or not, but I am pretty sure that we all love travelling. The reason behind not admitting is because you do not want to admit to yourself. Whatever be the reason for them to stop themselves from travelling, but what they is do is they satisfy themselves by telling that they don’t like travelling. I want to tell everyone that they can. Whether the reason of finances is stopping them or they might not know the idea of setting a great vacation. Another reason could be the fear of going out of their comfort zone. And this article will help you to help plan a lifestyle vacation clubs. From the previous experiences, I would like to share that what I had in my travelling. I can share my knowledge and experience with lifestyle vacation clubs.


1st pro of a lifestyle vacation club

First and one of the biggest advantage for a huge lot of people is the value. A huge lot of people want to get value equivalent to the money that they are spend. A lot of our hard works and efforts get us good money, and because of this reason we want that wherever or for whatever reason we spent them it is worth. So one of the best idea for spending money that does not go in vain is the lifestyle vacation club. They give a hell lot of entertainment for your money. The vacation packages that you will get are located at 2 or 3 star price hotel and 4 or 5 star price resort. These hotels and resorts guarantees the lowest or minimum price or they either refund you the cost of the trip or send you on the vacation anyhow. Always remember that your month never goes in vain when you plan such trips because the services included in the trip adds a lot of value to the money that you are spending. Take an example of a trip to Disneyland, where they include tickets to the park. If it is a skiing trip, they include the lift pass during the period of their stay. If it is a day at a car race, then you get a great seat including a pit passes. Similarly, a lifestyle vacation club is also valuable.


2nd pro of a lifestyle vacation club

Do not worry, stay free! Our lives are so busy, so let’s face it. It is a time consuming task to set up a great vacation. You need to find a resort in the area where you want to. And first-of-all you need to confirm the vacancy during the time when you want to go. Then after you need to set up accommodation in the place where you want to go. But it is obvious that no one wants to do that and everyone avoid doing all these kind of stuffs.

It adds stress if you do that. Whereas we go on vacations to enjoy, feel free and get rid of stress. Moreover, it is both inconvenient and time consuming. But, with the lifestyle vacation club, the inconvenience goes. If you are finding it difficult to plan a trip according to your inclusions, then make it extremely easy by setting filter while looking for a trip. Then you are done with your booking of a trip.

3rd pro of a lifestyle vacation club

As a part of membership, the same trip would be available to other several people. This lets you to share a common ground with several different people on their outings with you. Whether it is a wine tasting tour in France, or watching a whale off the coast of Mexico, all the people on the trip accompanying you will share the same ground with you to make the attraction which was initially the less awkward and also to break the ice, because you all belong to the same lifestyle vacation club. This might get easier for you get out of your fear when you know that there would be other people too on this excursions and all of you are sharing a membership. You will have a great travelling leaving the fear behind.


As this article deals with the lifestyle vacation club that they acknowledged before, thus there are certain cheerful and interesting things that these lifestyle vacation club offers, and that is what makes it truly amazing. One of these interesting idea is an online mall. There are around thousands of shops in this online mall for you to choose. When you purchase things from this online mall, you get some a bit percentage back as “travel dollars”. These cash backs can be applied to the flights for the trip, or for your own personal hotels or simply to the tour you chose. If you do a lot of online shopping essentially, or accumulate enough to go on for the trip called “travel dollars”. Isn’t it amazing?

Now next are the cons. From a point of view, there are a lot of things that is going to be mentioned that will show a con in different point that will focus a positive light.

1st con of a lifestyle vacation club

I hear it all the time, “but I don’t like groups of people so I wouldn’t want to go on a trip where there’s a bunch of other people doing the same thing”. First, you don’t have to take part in the group activities, but it could end up being a pretty boring trip. So look at it in a different light. Trust me, whether you’re on a trip on your own or part of a lifestyle vacation club, there’s going to be other people around. You’ll have to pay a pretty hefty fee to have the scuba instructor take just you and your companion out for the dive, pretty pricey booking the whale watching boat for just your family exclusively. Unless you pay huge money there’s going to be other people doing the same things as you. So why not change your point of view and look at it as a pro like stated in 3rd pro. You have a commonality with the people on the outings with you.

2nd con of a lifestyle vacation club

They don’t include flights in the cost of the trip. OK so you got me there. It would be impossible for them to do this. There would be people flying from just a few hours away and people flying from across an ocean. There would be no way to make one price for these when people are coming from all over. But let me ask you this. A family in British Columbia Canada is booking a vacation to Cancun Mexico through some booking agent that “includes” the flight. Now, the same size family happens to be booking the exact same trip, at the exact same time, through the same booking agent, but this family is in the state of Texas in the United States. Do you think that the price of the vacation is going to be the same for each family? The answer is no. The family in Texas is way closer to Cancun than the family in Canada. Though they say the flight is included, it’s really just bundled in with the cost of the stay. As for the con, I’ve looked up the cost of flights to a trip in the lifestyle vacation club and totaled it up. I then looked up vacations to the same place at the same time that included flights.

I then had to find the cost it would be to get the same things that the lifestyle vacation club includes in the cost, and add it to the cost of the “flight included” vacation package. Guess what, the lifestyle vacation club end price was hundreds of dollars cheaper every time. That takes us back to pro 1, bang for our buck. I’d rather book a separate flight and save hundreds of dollars then book a vacation that includes a flight. In addition, there’s many of us that have methods of collecting points to apply towards flights when we choose to travel. When booking a vacation where the flight is bundled with the vacation package, you can’t use your points to make the flight portion cheaper. When the flight is separate from the vacation package, you’re free to pay for the flight how you wish, so you can do this using your points, seat sales, etc. In my opinion this turns trips where the flight is “included”, into a con. And the fact that the flight is not “included” in the lifestyle vacation club, into a pro.

3rd con of a lifestyle vacation club

The duration of lifestyle vacation club are always preset that too with dates. Another thing I get to know that people says is that “It’s my vacation time and I want to spent it nicely, not a time chosen for the lifestyle vacation club” for me. So, to provide you with all the convenience, the lifestyle vacation club has preset dates. They offer great prices because they but the vacations. They book many rooms in a resort at a particular time which gets them huge discount on the original cost and then they pass those savings to the members of the club. They offers a huge lot of options as must they can do, because for flexibility. So I try to look in different way so that if there seems any negativity then it is easily visible to you.


4th con of a lifestyle vacation club

In my knowledge, there are also lifestyle vacation club which costs for membership. And after that also there is an initial set fee as well as monthly fee after that. It is actually a con for customers, but they make it in such a way that it seems as if it is pro. Costco have set up a yearly fee. You pay that fee in order to get access within the stores to enjoy great deals. You will also find the deal worth it so you would like to spend on them. Same is the condition with the membership fee of a lifestyle vacation club. But this company applies an unique idea to turn their strategy into a pro. Every dollar that you spend, including both the initial set up fee as well as the monthly set up fee, gets turned into a trip called “DreamTrip” points, where you get dollar for dollar, and one dollar equals to one point. Thus, this vacation trip has a point value which can then be subtracted from the dollar value that you will have to pay to book the trip that has already be discounted deeply. In this way, the membership fee acts as a vacation saving account. So, looking in it in different way each time turns the cons into pros.


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