The New York Hours!

However, the fact is that if you let the city guide you through your emotions and if you follow blindly its directions, if you learn how to turn each situation you find yourself into as a useful lesson on how to deal with different circumstances, New York could actually become your best inanimate friend. Although inanimate is the last thing New York is. Until that two-day adventure it had always been a mystery to me why people keep blabbing that huge cities could make you feel lonelier and more isolated than if you were in the middle of nowhere by yourself. How come humongous cities, with all the hustling crowds and roaring cars that rush through the streets just like blood in human’s arteries and veins, make them feel lonely? I’ve never believed in the popular theory that you tend to feel the loneliest exactly when you are surrounded by the biggest number of people. But my 50-hour New York etude helped me understand it.

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Have you ever got a chance to visit Times Square around midnight, sitting on one of the colorful stairs that look like a stage where people just go, rest and enjoy the light show of all the illuminated advertisements and billboards? Even though there are hundreds of people around you, just don’t care about anyone there. The interesting observation would unconsciously make you love it. Sure then I finally understood why people believed that the feeling of loneliness could be the strongest exactly in situations like the one I was in – after all there wasn’t a single person to share my excitement or with whom I could take ridiculous pictures, but I loved how I felt. I was so self-sufficient that I didn’t really need anyone. New York itself was the best companion I could have asked for. Probably Ken’s situation was pretty much the same, only that his wasn’t just a brief, two-day adventure but rather a lifestyle.

Communicate with people around you like tourists, celebrities, some neighbors at Queens where you live. You will be convinced to know that New York is among the most different tolerant places in the world, reason being that probably there isn’t a nation, race or subgroup minority, which is not represented there. You would hardly ever be deprecated or frown upon. Everyone is surrounded by hundreds of people almost constantly and yet completely alone at the same time.

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Who says that it takes one whole life to acknowledge New York? The contradiction is that sometimes it not even takes 50 hours to gain the experience of the city. Unlike other cities, New York is obviously is something different, but it is obvious that everyone shares the same experience. The thing that makes it different is the fact. The city is so alive that it even makes you alive than you have ever felt before. Going beyond the trivial and clichés glamorizing its beauty, magnetism, aura and charm, New York is such a place that can reintroduce to the life. The city is exactly the place that lets you dive into captivating uncertainty without being afraid that is going to happen.






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