Dress For Yourself Because It’s Your Life!

Why to follow others? When it comes to dressing, then do you need to follow other people? Ask it to your own self that do you feel comfortable when you follow others? Do you really feel like yourself when you follow others? Do you really feel that you fulfill anything good for yourself?

We all are familiar with fashion trends through various sources like news, magazines, televisions, etc. We check there, sometimes with care, to confirm our self that we are supposed to wear whatever we feel like wearing. Make sure that with the times, our co-workers, fellow acquaintances and school mates, or any other people will accept us.


But, just to be accepted by other people, do we seriously want to be uncomfortable. Sometimes, it also happens that we want to spend extra money, and that money that we seriously don’t have, just because of the reason that other people will look at us or want to include in their circles.

From the time that we are younger, most times, society will tell us not to copy others, to be original. Yet, when it comes to fashion, somehow, that particular area in life, actually, seems to be very disconnected from the rest of life.

It appears that we will wear anything, even a burlap bag, if the fashion experts assure us that this is “in style” this year. That’s right. It doesn’t matter what the item is made from or who makes it or where it is made, as long as the fashion experts agree that this year, this is in style.


So, who appoints these experts? Where do these experts come from and exactly who is listening to these so-called experts?

I’m not sure about you, but for myself, I think that it is silly to wear a noose around one’s neck. And to me, it’s just as silly to wear clothing that is so uncomfortable that it is scratchy, itchy and just almost unbearable just because it happens to be ‘in style’ for the moment, in this season or next season.

For me, actually, the whole idea of anyone being a ‘fashion expert’ is ridiculous. Think about it. When you are a baby, someone else dresses you. Someone else picks out all of your clothing, colors, styles materials, everything! And as you grow into being a toddler, still someone else is dressing you.


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