For Different Face Shapes, Try Different Sexy and Outstanding Parting Styles!

Hair plays a vital role in your whole look. So changing the style of your hair can make a huge difference in your look. So, if you want to change your look, just change your hairstyle. The shape of your face is a break or make factor to your new look. When you try a new hairstyle, remember to consider the shape of your face so that you look the best.

What is the Shape of your Face?

One of the easiest way to discover the shape of your face is to pull your hair tight and back away from your face and have a deep look in the mirror. And then look deeply and ask yourself that what the widest part of your face is. Is it your cheeks or your forehead, or any other part? May be it is not the cheek, but the cheekbones. And how about your chin? Is it square, pointy or round? You can come to know about the actual shape of your face if you try to look to an imaginary line that is running through the middle of your face.

Below are the six different face shapes, each having its distinct characteristics:

  1. Round

The width and length of your face are almost equal and the shape of your forehead is round. Your cheeks are the widest part of your face which are chubby as well. And your jawline is full and rounded with no points or angles.

A face with round shape with either long hair or short hair looks beautiful and cute. If you prefer the latter, you should think of getting layers. The roundness of your face is emphasized by the straight hairs. While the layers redirect the focus on how stunning you look. For a round shape face, an ideal hairstyle could be a shoulder length haircut with graduated and soft layers.


A center partition gives the illusion of your wider forehead and chubby cheeks. Instead, pick a comb and part your hair to the side. A simple fix can alter your look more than what you’d expect.

When it comes to a round shape face, then bangs turn out to be a really nice idea. Bangs over your forehead can make your face appear too short, whereas angled bangs make your face look thinner.

  1. Oval

If the length of your face is almost one and a half times its width and your forehead is slightly wider than your chin, then you have an oval face. Your face resembles an inverted egg.

If your face is oval shaped, you are lucky. It works with any type of hair sectioning, leaving no limit to the number of hairstyles you can try out. You can pull off any part, any way on any style. So, why not try them all? Just have fun experimenting with different hairstyles!


  1. Heart

You have a long face with a narrow jaw and a pointed chin. Both your cheekbones and forehead are wide.
A middle partition complements this shape. It makes your face look longer.

A side swept fringe with long and soft layers will help to draw the focus more to your eyes and cheekbones. Try to avoid short and blunt cut bangs!





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