For Different Face Shapes, Try Different Sexy and Outstanding Parting Styles!

  1. Diamond

You have wide cheekbones with narrow forehead and jawline. Your forehead and jawline are similar in width and have a pointed chin.

A long and side-parted strand turns out to be a no-brained for diamond faces. The diagonal direction creates an illusion of oval shape by bringing out the cheekbones.


A curtain fringe frames a diamond shape beautifully.

  1. Square

The length and width of your face are equal. You have a flat and square chin and a prominent jaw.
Straight and long hair softens the square angles and draws attention away from the jawline.

A soft and tapered bob hitting around the chin also looks beautiful on a square face.


  1. Oblong

There is a confusion most of the times between an oblong face and an oval face. This type of shape is less wide and slightly longer. The jawline and forehead are rounded slightly. The sides of the face are straight and they are almost similar in width.

For those with an oblong shaped face, sweeping side bags could be great choice. It adds width to your face and makes your face appear shorter.


Want your day to be perfect? Try these Sexy Hairstyles!

A wedding plays up every single aspect of the bride’s appearance. Makeup is applied to professional standards, the gown fits every curve just perfectly, and the shoes peek out stylishly from underneath. In planning for your wedding, you no doubt also want your hair to look sexy and elegant as well. Here are some style ideas and tips to get you started on your path to ultimate bridal beauty.

Sexy Hairstyles For Your Perfect Day3-netmarkers

The main thing to take into consideration when deciding on a wedding hairstyle is your own personal style. If you are a free spirit who is never seen with hair pulled back into a tight bun, then don’t consider this hairstyle for your wedding day. The way you look on your wedding day will be immortalized forever in photographs, so be true to who you are and your own unique style.




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