For Different Face Shapes, Try Different Sexy and Outstanding Parting Styles!

That being said, the dress you choose will somewhat dictate how you wear your hair for the big day. Some dresses call for hair to be worn up, while others are perfectly accentuated by ringlets of hair falling down around the shoulders. The secret to sexy hair for any occasion is soft, touchable texture. With that as the ground rule, let’s look at a few wedding hairstyles that could work for long, short and medium hair.

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Long hair is great because can wear it bohemian chic or in an elegant up-do. For wedding hair that exudes the utmost of your romantic side, try this style. Pin hair up into a loose updo with soft, wispy tendrils or sensual, sweeping curls. Feminine to the extreme, this is a simple style that is easy to create and perfectly complements a Cinderella ball gown or dress with ruffles, tulle and lace. Accentuate this poetic wedding hairstyle with jewels or fresh fragrant flowers that will draw your groom to you like nothing else.

Medium hair works in a wide array of wedding hairstyles easily. This length falls right around the shoulders, and looks beautiful with a loose braid or two woven through the front. Another very trendy look is to weave in a loosely braided headband. Ashley Simpson is just one celeb who has sported this super sexy look in recent months. Starting with a deep part to one side, grab a small section of hair and begin braiding loosely across the forehead. Medium length hair can keep going once you have reached the side of the head opposite from where your braid started, and end at the back of the head in a loose chignon for extra panache. Again, pull out some loose pieces of hair and insert a few fresh flowers or some bling.

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Short hair has posed problems for some brides, because they have an image of being a long-haired bride. Because trends have gravitated towards short hair in recent years, there are plenty of short wedding styles you can choose from, without finding yourself in that position of simply having slicked back hair pinned tightly to your head.

For some bride, short hairs has posed many problems, because they already posed an image of a long hair bride. Because in recent years, trends have move towards short hairs. And now you can find that there are huge number of short wedding styles that you can choose from, without finding yourself in that position of simply having slicked back hair pinned tightly to your head.

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If you have a chin length short hairs then you can try curled hairstyle into soft ringlets that fall around the face, along with a back that is full and high. If the length of the hair if medium and is straight, then it can be simply tucked behind the ears and could be held into a place with large flowers for a romantic look which is yet modern.
Do not worry about the length of your hair. It hardly matters because with little effort, planning and playing, you can get that sexy wedding hairstyle that you would love to show off.




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