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Amazing Destinations Where the Royals Honeymoon

Royal weddings like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s inevitably invite breathless international coverage. The dress, the venue, the celebrity guests, were the talk of the town. It’s enough to keep the tabloids humming, and the public in a constant state of anticipatory intrigue.


But once the nuptials end, the hoopla isn’t over. Instead, everyone becomes fixated on another matter, the royal honeymoon.

Fittingly, royals have long selected some of the world’s most divine locations to revel in their post-wedding bliss, from tropical paradises housing luxury retreats to African destinations promising once in a lifetime adventure. Not uncommonly, they visit said places by traversing the seas on a private royal yacht.

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Read on to learn about some of the most spectacular royal honeymoon destinations, including the rumored locale for Harry and Meghan.

10 Largest Cruise Ships in the World

Do you like to fly the friendly skies? Some travelers prefer to do so. Some prefer road trips as they are thrilling. Well, everyone has their own perspective when it comes to travelling. For those people, who like travel to be a vacation in and of itself, the only way to go is cruising.

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Whether you’re a true and tried cruiser or a first time looking to get your sea legs, we recommend boarding ships with all the bells and whistles. The largest ships in the world, based on gross tonnage, aren’t just huge, they are breathtakingly monumental. And they offer more amenities and attractions than you could ever imagine, from race tracks and water complexes to Broadway-style theaters and massive nightclubs.

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If you want to party the nights away, just take a break from daily grind and relax for some time, or else entertain your ants kids, then cover these cruise ship or some.

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