5 Breakthrough Technologies 2018!

We have picked that since year 2001 every year 10 breakthrough technologies are called. What does breakthrough actually mean, have you even wondered? It is one of the reasonable question which is often asked by people. Some of the picks by us have not yet reached worldwide, while other might be on the cusp for becoming available commercially. What we are actually looking for is technology, or possible even a collection or gathering of technologies, that will show an intense effect on our lives.

You all must be aware with Artificial Intelligence which has shown a profound effect on our lives. This year, GANs, which is a new technique in Artificial Intelligence is giving machines imagination. And despite some “thorny ethical constraints”, “artificial embryos” are defining the creation of life that how it is being created and how it is opening a research window in the very early moments of human life.

So let’s check out the list of top 5 advance technology, that we think will shape the way we work and will remain for long year.

  1. 3-D Metal Printing

3-D Printing has been around for a period of ten years and has largely remained in the domain of designers and hobbyists producing one-off prototypes. And particularly, printing objects with any other things other than plastic has been painful and expensive.

However, it’s becoming easy and cheap now to be a potentially in a practical way of manufacturing parts. If adopted widely, it could change our way of mads producing the products.

3-D Metal Printing-netmarkers

3-D Metal Printing

In the longer term, large factories that mass-produce a limited range of parts might be replaced by smaller ones that make a wider variety, adapting to customers’ changing needs.

The technology can create lighter, stronger parts, and complex shapes that aren’t possible with conventional metal fabrication methods. It can also provide more precise control of the microstructure of metals. In 2017, researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced they had developed a 3-D-printing method for creating stainless-steel parts twice as strong as traditionally made ones.

Also in 2017, 3-D-printing company Markforged, a small startup based outside Boston, released the first 3-D metal printer for under $100,000.

Another Boston-area startup, Desktop Metal, began to ship its first metal prototyping machines in December 2017. It plans to begin selling larger machines, designed for manufacturing, that are 100 times faster than older metal printing methods.

The printing of metal parts is also getting easier. Desktop Metal now offers software that generates designs ready for 3-D printing. Users tell the program the specs of the object they want to print, and the software produces a computer model suitable for printing.

GE, which has long been a proponent of using 3-D printing in its aviation products, has a test version of its new metal printer that is fast enough to make large parts. The company plans to begin selling the printer in 2018.


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