Why Do We Need To Protect Wildlife?

  1. For healthy environment

Wildlife also plays a significant role in keeping the environment clean and healthy. Many micro-organisms, bacteria, slime moulds, fungi and earthworms feed on plant and animal wastes, decomposing them and releasing their chemicals back into the soil, thus, replenishing it with nutrients which in turn, are taken up by roots of plants enabling them to grow and develop. Well! This is not all. Do you know that the birds like eagles and vultures that are hated by people, also contribute to the nature in great ways? These scavengers help remove the carcasses and dead bodies of animals thereby, keeping the environment clean. Just imagine a life surrounded with layers of dead bodies lying near us undecayed and unrotten. Thanks to these species who are helping us to live in a clean and healthy environment.

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  1. For preserving rich bio-diversity

Scientists and researchers are aggressively working these days to preserve plants and animals through ‘Gene Banks’. These gene banks are a store house of cells and tissues of scores of wildlife species that play an important role in agriculture and farming. With these cells and tissues, not only the original plant varieties and animal breeds be re-generated in times of wildlife epidemics, climate changes or any such natural calamities resulting in reduction or extinction of these species but, also new varieties and breeds with improved genetic traits be generated thus, increasing a chromosomal diversity within species. Besides cells and tissues, gene banks also store plant seeds, sperms, eggs and embryos of numerous mammal species. Storing reproductive organs, such as ovaries and testes is also getting common with the advancement in science and technology.

For preserving rich bio-diversity-netmarkers

If we talk about what benefits the cross-bred varieties of plant and animal species can have, there are various. The plant species with improved genetics tend to be high-yielding, more resistant to diseases & pests and also contribute to soil improvement. Cross breeding has also proved to be highly beneficial in dairy cattle with improved genetic species yielding more milk, showcasing better health and fertility.



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