Top 10 portals for Western Wear for Women in India

These 10 online portals changed the way, clothing industry was seen earlier. Their contribution is remarkable and hence, people must know about these top portals though Netmarkers, that is indeed a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs to mark their presence online.

Western Wear is quite in trend and Indian girl just love being trendy and fashionable. There are numerous portals in India selling Women wear in India but there are very few selling Western Wear for women. Let’s have a look at top 10 portals for Western Wear for Women in India:

1. Art Nouveau Studio (

This is an awesome portal by Tushar HandWorks Pvt Ltd. Est. 1987 showing all export items with extraordinary collection and simply second to none quality. The categories like Tunics, kaftan & Poncho, Dresses, Blouses, pants etc under Western Wear completely justify why it is ranked top portal for Western Women’s wear in India. Slashed prices, exclusive products- not available on any portal in India complemented its no.1

Art Nouveau Studio
Art Nouveau Studio- By Tushar Handworks Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Limeroad (

Great banners, awesome presentation differentiates this portal from other women wear. Here also you can expect great stuff that keeps on adding from time to time. Limeroad is known for offers and beautiful ladies eagerly wait for Limeroad end of season sale to buy the products of their choice.


  1. Myntra (

The name requires no introduction as it has already built a good space in the heart of every lady who is keen towards fashion. Awesome collection, great prices and offers from time to time make it stand on 3rd position in India.

Myntra- India’s Largest Online Fashion
  1. Fashion Affair (

It is yet another good portal for women who look buying Western wear online in India. Good collection, nice presentation tends to grasp attention.


  1. Shoppersstop (

The physical outlets of Shoppersstop are quite popular and that is the reason why every girl from a big city knows this brand. Though the store has huge varieties, it has some good collection of Western Wear as well. Unlike other portals, this brand gets more attention offline than online.


  1. Ajio (

If you are an Internet savvy, you must have seen the advertisement of this brand. Though the portal has good collection, it has put its attention on all categories like Men, Women, Kids and that’s the reason why it is on this position among the best portals from where you can buy Western Wear for Women.


  1. Missa More (

Beautiful models, beautiful clothing and great presentation differentiate this portal from all other portals selling Western Wear for Women. Awesome collection, great additions from time to time keeps girl engaged and compel them to visit this brand quite often.


  1. AND (

If you are fond of visiting Pink City, you must have noticed this outlet. Great outfits, magnificent presentation and tremendous creativity makes AND an amazing portal for Western Wear for women in India. You must explore this portal once, if you long for great fashion wear.


  1. W for Woman (

Everyone knows this brand at least those who love visiting fashion outlets in their city. Yes, this brand is also popular more for its physical presence than online presence. Great collection, steady additions make this portal a good one.WforWoman

  1. Global Desi (

Though the name has Desi, still you can expect good collection of Western Wear for women here. Good collection, nice presentation and fair prices.


So, that was all about the top 10 portals for Western Wear in India. Explore each one of them and go fashionable this year 2019.



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