World’s Smallest Animals That Are Super Cute

Wonder can come in any size and shape and our world is filled with such wonderful things. Today we are talking about the smallest animals in the world with the size that is super cute and will make you instantly say wow.

Pygmy rabbit:

One of the world’s smallest rabbit is Pygmy rabbit with just 9.4-11 in body length. Deep soil areas are inhibited by these rabbits where dense sagebrushes are burrowed by them for foods. It also offers protection to them from predators.

Pygmy rabbit-Netmarkers

Pygmy marmoset:

This is the smallest monkey in the world native to Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia’s rainforest. They are really small with 5.5-6.3 inch body length (excluding tail)

Pygmy marmoset-Netmarkers


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