World’s Smallest Animals That Are Super Cute

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Wonder can come in any size and shape and our world is filled with such wonderful things. Today we are talking about the smallest animals in the world with the size that is super cute and will make you instantly say wow.

Pygmy rabbit:

One of the world’s smallest rabbit is Pygmy rabbit with just 9.4-11 in body length. Deep soil areas are inhibited by these rabbits where dense sagebrushes are burrowed by them for foods. It also offers protection to them from predators.

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Pygmy marmoset:

This is the smallest monkey in the world native to Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia’s rainforest. They are really small with 5.5-6.3 inch body length (excluding tail)

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The length of this fish is just 0.3 in making it the smallest in the world. This fish is found in Sumatra Island of Indonesia in forests of peat swamp. On account of the small size, this fish is able to survive situation of extreme drought as well.


Paedophryne amanuensis:

This is world’s smallest frog discovered in 2009 in New Guinea. This is comparatively new species with just 0.3 in body length. This vertebrate is smallest in the world and this is the reason why it holds top position in this list.

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Speckled padloper tortoise:

Speckled padloper tortoise holds the title of smallest turtle in the world from South Africa. The body length is just 2.4-3.0 in. in males while it is slightly bigger for females measuring about 4in. To protect themselves from predators, these animals make use of tiny crevices and feed on plants.

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Bee hummingbird:

Talking about the birds, Bee Hummingbird stands as the smallest of all with body length measuring just 2.2 in. Not just the body size makes these birds interesting but their nests as well that are similarly tiny with just 1.1 in deep and 0.8in wide.

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Madame Berthe’s Mouse Lemur:

This animal takes the title of smallest primate known in the world with just 3.6 in body length. It is found in Western Madagascar in Kirindy Mitea National Park.

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Etruscan Shrew:

The weight of Etruscan shrew is just 0.04 -0.1 oz making it the smallest mammal in the world. However, everything about Etruscan Shrew is not small is the ratio to body of is brain is largest in all animals. It is even larger that the ratio for human.

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Kitti’s hog nosed bat:

This bat is the smallest in world with body length measuring just 1.1-1.5in. The size is almost same to bumblebee with snout that is pig-like and distinctive. The caves of limestone along rivers are habitat of these bats with a single cave being the house of 100 bats on an average.

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Thread snakes:

This is the species of snakes that is known to be the smallest in the world with body length of just 4.3in. They are native to Asia, South and North America and Africa with almost 87 varied species. These snakes are non-venomous and blind and are modified to burrowing feeding on termites and ants.

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