World’s Smallest Animals That Are Super Cute

Kitti’s hog nosed bat:

This bat is the smallest in world with body length measuring just 1.1-1.5in. The size is almost same to bumblebee with snout that is pig-like and distinctive. The caves of limestone along rivers are habitat of these bats with a single cave being the house of 100 bats on an average.

Kitti’s hog nosed bat-Netmarkers

Thread snakes:

This is the species of snakes that is known to be the smallest in the world with body length of just 4.3in. They are native to Asia, South and North America and Africa with almost 87 varied species. These snakes are non-venomous and blind and are modified to burrowing feeding on termites and ants.

Thread snakes-Netmarkers


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