Beware Of These Fastest Animals On Earth That Can Beat You In Speed

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If superbikes and supercars are the only things that you think of after listening to the word speed then this article will change your perception. We are here with the list of top 10 fastest animals on earth to amaze you.

50 mph speed: Blue wildebeest:

These mammals are grass eaters and are found in east and South Africa. 1.30 meters is their average height and they easily escape predators with speed of 50mph.

Blue wildebeest-Netmarkers


Speed of 50 mph: Marine fish

This is world’s longest fish that grows upto 14 feet. In swimming, this fish attains top speed of about 50 mph that help it to easily dive deepest ocean in less time.

Marine fish-Netmarkers


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Speed of 95 mph: Frigate bird

This fork tailed bird of ocean is South America’s native and 95 mph is the fastest speed with which this creature can fly.

Frigate bird-Netmarkers


106 mph speed: Spine tailed swift

This is earth’s second fastest animal and fastest bird to have powered flight at the speed of about 106 mph.

Spine tailed swift-Netmarkers

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75 mph speed: Cheetah

This animal is the fastest running animal on earth. 75mph is the top speed that Cheetah could attain while running and therefore it is most dangerous predator for other animals.



88.23 mph speed: Spur winged goose

This is South Africa native goose family’s largest group that has 40 inch long height. The top speed that this creature can attain is 88.23mph.

Spur winged goose-Netmarkers


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55 mph speed: Pronghom Antelope

Pronghom Antelope-Netmarkers

This animal is native to North America and can attain speed of 55mph to easily cover long distances in short time. It does not tired on running for long distances at top speed.


Speed of 68.35 mph: Sail fish

This is ocean’s fastest fish native to the region of Indo-Pacific and Atlantic. The top speed that this fish can attain in swimming is 68.35mph.

Sail fish-Netmarkers

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200 mph speed: golden Eagle

golden Eagle-Netmarkers

This bird is powerful and large and can attain great height while flying at the speed of 200 mph making its flight an astonishing view.


Peregrine falcon with speed of 242 mph:

Peregrine falcon -Netmarkers

This is planet earth’s fastest species that can fly at an incredible speed of 242 mph with the help of their ling wings.

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