Laws in US which are weirdest!!

World is full of funny facts and unusual Laws. Here are some of the bizarre laws in U.S. we bet you’ve never heard about.   Sad Face is an offence: The city of United States, Pocatello is known as Smile Capital. If any person found with sad face or without any smile then there are…

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Top 6 Haunting Hotels we bet you not be knowing !!!

Good News to all the daring people who wish to have truly Haunted Halloween. What about staying up in the most haunted hotels in the world? We are sharing with you the most haunted hotels in the world where you can stay and feel the thrills of living there among the haunted Halloween. Colorado’s  Stanely…

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Most common Dream and their Meaning !!!

In the whole universe, God has endowed special blessings to human beings by giving them the capability of dreaming. In actual, dreams are the window to our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind keeps hinting every being through the dream when they sleep. Here we are telling you the interpretation of the basic dream which everyone once…

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Fruits grow on the trunk of this Brazilian tree. Amazing!!!

A Brazilian tree called “Jabuticabeira“ with an interesting name as well as characteristics. The specialty of this tree is it can grows its fruits on its trunks which look like tasty berries and they actually are very tasty. Tree’s name is derived from a Tupi word Jabuti (tortoise) + Caba (place), whose meaning is the…

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Yoga-Need of the Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit

Why has Yoga become the most significant part of every individual life? Why has it got the international recognition? Well, the answer lies within the word Yoga. “Yoga” is a Sanskrit word which means to unite, symbolizing the union of the body with the consciousness, thought with the actions, restraint and the fulfillment, unanimity between…

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