Are you an adrenalin junkie and love roller coasters that are dangerous and that can give you the ultimate thrill and fun

Are you an adrenalin junkie and love roller coasters that are dangerous and that can give you the ultimate thrill and fun. If yes, then you should take a ride of at least one roller coaster. In this world, there are people who think that making tall roller coasters would be a great source of…

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Top 8 weirdest tomb Stones

There is something about graveyardsthat always attracts people. We always have some fascination for them, especially if famous people are buried in there. The tombstone is the final placeof life, but some people like having dramatic and extraordinary grave statues. Wooden clothespin Jack Crowell was the owner of  the last wooden clothespin manufacturing factory in…

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Enjoy delicious chicken burger and chicken waffle fry recipes!

Chicken Parm Burger Recipes Yield: 4 Servings Prep: 0:10 Total time: 0:35 Ingredients 1 tbsp. vegetable oil Kosher salt 1 lb. ground chicken 2 c. marinara Torn basil 1/4 c. Parmesan 4 slices fresh mozzarella 1/2 c. italian breadcrumbs 2 garlic cloves Freshly ground black pepper 4 harmburger buns 1/4 c. chopped parsley Directions Mix…

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Enjoy delicious baked chicken recipes!

Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Sprouts Recipes Yield: 4 Servings Prep: 0:05 Total time: 0:30 Ingredients 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar 1/2 c. panko breadcrumbs Freshly ground black pepper 2 tbsp. butter 3 garlic cloves 1 lb. Brussels sprouts 1 1/2 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast Kosher salt Extra-virgin olive oil 1 c. freshly grated Parmesan 1 c. low-sodium chicken…

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Fill a sock with this ingredient to clean your foggy windows!

Winter is known for providing a winter wonderland with the snow all around and celebration. But it also gets with it foggy windows, slippery sidewalks and cold.The constant fog on the on the car windows is definitely a cause of trouble.  Let's see what can be done about it. There is kitty litter to clear…

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Enjoy the delicious slow cooker chicken recipes this weekend!

Slow-Cooker Chicken Tagine Recipes Yield: 6 Servings Prep: 0:20 Total time: 8:20 Ingredients 3 lb. bone-in skinless chicken thighs 2 tsp. ground cumin 2 clove garlic ⅓ c. raisins 1 medium onion 1 c. chicken broth 1 can garbanzo beans 1 box plain couscous 3 lb. bone-in skinless chicken thighs ½ tsp. ground cinnamon ½ c. pitted green…

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Enjoy easy to make chicken meatballs and baked chicken recipes!

Chicken Meatballs with Penne Recipes Yield: 4 Servings Prep: 0:10 Total time: 0:30 Ingredients 1/2 c. chopped parsley 1 lb. penne pasta 4 tbsp. unsalted butter 1 egg 1 celery stalk 1/4 c. crumbled blue cheese 1 lb. ground chicken 1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 1/2 c. panko breadcrumbs 2 Large garlic cloves Kosher salt 1/3 c. hot…

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Enjoy delicious rice and chicken recipes!

Chicken-Rice Burritos Recipes Yield: 6 Servings Prep: 0:15 Total time: 0:25 Ingredients 3 c. cooked chicken 1 c. fresh or frozen corn kernels 1 jar chunky-style tomato salsa ½ c. Cilantro leaves 1 can black beans 6 flour tortillas 3 c. cooked long-grain rice Olive oil cooking spray ½ c. diced red onion 1½ c. shredded Monterey Jack…

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