These amazing body part reattachment surgeries are unbelievable!

Thanks to medical and surgical science that made it possible to reattach lost limbs back to the body as well as graft skin from on part of the body to another. Reattachment procedure was achieved in 1962 by Dr. Ronald Malt. Below are amazing procedures: Severed Hand Grafted to Leg before Reattachment In 2015, a…

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Spinal cord tumors facts you must be aware of!

Tumors can develop in the spinal canal and certain tumors develop within the bones of the spine itself. These are known as vertebral tumors. This kind of tumor can either be malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous).  Generally there are two kinds of spinal cord tumors. Intramedullary tumors: Such tumor develops in the cells present in…

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OMG! Huge asteroid can cause the end of Earth! Shocking prediction by NASA!

NASA has been keeping an eye out for “Armageddon” like situations in space. It was a movie released in 1998 which depicted a scene in which an asteroid was on its way to collide with Earth, which would have caused mass destruction and possible annihilation of Earth. NASA has also identified various asteroids which can…

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Terrible psychic predictions that came exact! Shocking but true!

Everyone does not take a prophecy seriously, many people indulge in palm reading and astrology, but one will be surprised how certain prophecies have actually come true. Here are 10 psychic predictions that came true. John F Kennedy Assassination   Michel Nostradamus made prediction for Kennedy assassination “The great man will be struck down in…

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Look up to see them! The 10 Tallest people in the world!

If someone is curious to know about the tallest people currently alive from around the world, then below is the list. This article thoroughly discusses height, weight and livelihood of 10 tallest living people. Igor Vovkovinskiy, 235 cm, 7 feet 8⅓ inches   Igor Vovkovinskiy is an American actor and law student and best known…

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Shocking results after surgery of women having balloons under her skin!

Sometimes medical conditions are threatening that they may traumatize their victims for life. However there are some courageous people who fight disease and come out as winners in the end. Jennifer Hiles 28 from South Dakota is one such woman suffering from a horrible condition called AVM or arterial Venous Malformation. AVM is a malformation…

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OMG! The tooth pain informs which body organ has a problem.

It sounds almost weird and amazing that the health of your teeth correspond to health of various organs in our body. This has been said by experts or doctors.  Experts researched and found that upper and lower incisors correspond to the state of kidneys, bladder and ears. Canine teeth reflect the health of the liver…

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