Evgeny Lushpin’s Spectacular Landscape Paintings will Inspire You!

One of the best artist that was considered in our time was Evgeny Lushpin, a Russian artist. Inspired and experienced by the mysterious and richest time since years, he creates a spectacular and magnificent landscape paintings, from which the romance and fresh air are breathing. For his work, he choose urban natural landscape, giving them…

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Two Cute Penguins Accidentally Made Selfies in Antarctica. See How?

Can you believe that a penguin can also make really an excellent selfie photo? These emperor penguins will amaze you when you will see the cool selfies clicked by them. The penguins were photographed in Antarctica, Australia. An Australian researcher named Eddie Gault left a camera on ice near penguin’s rookery Auster, next to Mawson,…

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Top 10 Trendy Sunglasses for 2018!

Apart from fashion, sunglasses are source of protection and comfort against ultra-violet light and bright light. But, fashion is important as well. Because of this reason, we go for something which can fulfill both our requirements. There are various trendy looking sunglasses which you could try out this summer. Let’s have a look on the…

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Top 10 celebrities having million followers on Instagram

We are still in the young phase of the year 2018 but time feels like eons. We have got various platforms to share world’s moment and one of the best simple way is Instagram. Celebrities are also very active members on Instagram with millions of followers. Their posts and feeds speaks a lot, for which…

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10 Dangerous Creatures that Actually Looks Innocent!

We all know that wild animals are not friendly but we still consider some of them to be innocent animals. We often come across these animals without realizing that how dangerous they could be. In this article you will get to know about these 10 creatures who only looks to be innocent but are actually…

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Top 10 Earning Bloggers around the World

In today’s world, blogging has become a part of some of their daily lives, although it took time to become immensely successful. Today’s scenario is such that people interact on their daily basis with the help of blogs, either by showing their contribution to the blog, or just be reading and giving comments to the…

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These 5 Drinks Will Make Your Body Healthy during Rainy Season

Monsoon brings greenery, cool climate and lots of fun. However, it also arrives with numerous diseases such as runny nose, fever, could and cold, etc. Apart from that it also accompanies diseases such as pneumonia, typhoid, dengue, cholera, malaria, etc. You must know some of the quick remedies so that you can recover from such…

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Flowers are beauty of nature which varies in colour, size and fragrance. There are numerous varieties of flowers on this earth and the top 10 are discussed in this article: 1.Gerberas Gerberas is such an amazing flower with its classic appearance, gorgeousness and rich colours. These flowers are the larger variation of the daisy family.…

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Top 10 beautiful starfishes on this earth

We all like fascinating creatures, and so are starfishes. They are not actually a fish, but they are marine invertebrates such as a sea cucumber. Unlike a fish, they cannot swim, nor do they have gills to breathe. There are diverse category of starfishes on the earth and all are beautiful looking. Let’s have a…

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