Rare known facts about celebrities that will blow your mind.

There is a different kind of past associated with Christopher Walken in which as a lion tamer, he traveled with the circus at the age of 15. To study at MIT, Dolph Lundgren had won a Fulbright Scholarship and holds a Master degree in chemical engineering. When he met Grace Jones, he was a Ph.D.…

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Here are some amazing and viral facts about Kanye West

In Swahili, the meaning of Kanye is “the only one”. Kanye has worked as a telemarketer after dropping out of college and he use to insurance to the credit card holders of the Montgomery Ward. As per his statement given to Playboy, I was way better than most of the people there. I could sit…

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What??? Prince died of this deadly disease…And he refused treatment!!!

Prince Rogers Nelson who died at the age of 57 and remain in trending and viral news even after death had left a really surprising and shocking fact behind him that is really unbelievable and is the reason behind the death of this rock star. This rock star who was found in an elevator was…

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Batman V Superman: What’s so special about them that people are crazy for them? Have a look!

The movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is already released in March 2016. Because of the ongoing battle between superman and batman everyone is seeking to watch this movie.  In this battle everyone has to take side of one hero and same has to be done by Movie stars. In this movie, Jennifer Lawrence…

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Can you recognize these top 10 child actors of Hollywood who have now became extremely attractive?

In Hollywood, even talented kids get great opportunity of acting and dancing. Especially, Disney is the Hollywood platform which always gives chances to new child actors. These child actors then take special space in the Hollywood industry. There are so many child actors who are top on the list and rocked the world with their…

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Even Cancer was unable to beat these 10 Hollywood Celebrities! Amazing facts

Skin Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the different parts of United States. It is a scary disease which has destroyed many celebrity lives. There are some celebrities who had faced battle with skin cancer. Here you can find top 10 Hollywood celebrities at Netmarkers who fought with this weird disease and…

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