Are you aware of the 10 Bizarre disorders of Brain!

The most complicated part of human physiology is brain, a mysterious subject for scientists yet. Every minute activity is processed through brain, just in case if it stops functioning, it will result in severe disorders. Brain disorders like depression, amnesia and Alzheimer results in traumatizing a person. There are various other disorders.10 bizarre disorders are…

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What your Birthday month reveals about your personality?

The month in which you are born actually reveals a lot about you and your personality. Every month has its own personality traits. Let’s have a look at some of these traits: 1) January: A bit spoilt with stubborn nature and has an own way to do things. January babies are a keen observer and…

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Medical facts untangling the human body mystery!

Human Body is a mysterious and amazing thing. Many centuries have passed in revealing these mysteries of the human body. Till date there are so many incidents and things which left us amazed. There are so many things that are yet to be discovered by the medical science. Pupil: Retinoblastoma is a form of an…

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Unlock your persona and know what you want to be with the famous Blob tree test

Brain Science (psychology) is such a differing subject, to the point that through the basic strategy for pictures it can disentangle your identity in a moment. Presently tests and riddles on the net might intrigue yet some of them aren't simply trivial. Take for instance this momentous tree of pictures which permits you to pick…

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Top 10 most beautiful and amazing flowers in the world

Since the ancient times flowers are considered  sacred and one of the sweetest creation of God. Flowers have a significant and a short life. They are of great value and importance .They are considered  sacred and are offered as to almost each and every God of every religion. But in-spite having a short  life they…

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Structural Engineering and Its Strange Examples!

Structural engineering is a perfect alignment of arts and science such that they become one. These combinations have created some most beautiful, impressive, unique and innovative things in the history of the world. Some are strange, weird whereas some are beautiful and yet modern. 1) Barcelona, Spain: Sagrada Familia :–It is a typical basicilica which…

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Here the Top 10 Strangest Buildings in the world!

The man made creation can be sometimes equally fascinating as nature. There are some strangely designed building in the world which are worth visiting and experience its beauty. We will be listing out best 10 strangest buildings in the world: The dancing building, Czech Republic: Also popularly known as Fred and Ginger, it was designed…

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