19 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blemishes On Face!

You might be afraid to attend parties or to meet people because of marks and blemishes on your face. But hiding from the outside world and sitting at home is not the solution. There are several ways to get clear and clean skin, it’s just that you have to find the ways out. If you…

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Top 10 Super Foods for Healthy Hair!

Having beautiful, shiny and healthy hair are everyone’s desire. But only few are blesses with beautiful and healthy hair and thus they can take it for granted. Keep in mind that hairs are rapidly growing tissue and what your diet makes a huge difference in making your hair healthy. There are many factors that can…

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These 5 Drinks Will Make Your Body Healthy during Rainy Season

Monsoon brings greenery, cool climate and lots of fun. However, it also arrives with numerous diseases such as runny nose, fever, could and cold, etc. Apart from that it also accompanies diseases such as pneumonia, typhoid, dengue, cholera, malaria, etc. You must know some of the quick remedies so that you can recover from such…

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Healthy Benefits of DOGA will amaze you!

To keep your mind fresh and your body fit, you must adopt the habit of doing Yoga daily. Studies have proved that doing Yoga daily has a diverse health benefits. Moreover, it will also help you with your pain, addiction or depression problem. Have you ever heard about Doga? Doga is the practice of doing…

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Healthy benefits of pomegranate peel will amaze you!

We generally throw away the peels of the fruit that we eat, without caring that it might be beneficial too for our health. One of the best example for this is pomegranate peel. Knowing the diverse merits of pomegranate peel will amaze you. It is full pack of several medicine and antioxidants which helps to…

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Want to stay stress free? Here’s the solution.

People are more proneness to fuddle eating when they are too stressed and worried. As per survey, 40% of adults get more into eating when they are stressed or when under a constant study pressure. But the problem not only lies in over eating, but also depends on what type of food you are consuming,…

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Simplest Way to Remove Kidney Stones with Barley Water

    Kidney stones are one of the most common health issues now-a-days and each home has at least one person suffering from this. Scientist and Doctors have found that in past few years there is tenfold increase in the patient of kidney stones worldwide. As per the medical treatment, surgery is the only solution…

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Surprising Health Benefits of the Lotus Plant

      Lotus, Nelumbo Nucifera is a sacred symbol in south Asian countries. In Buddhism Lotus has utmost importance as the meditative postures are very much associated with the position of lotus and the chants considering lotus as a metaphor for the divine. From the ancient times, in Egypt, lotus is regarded as a…

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