Why people over the age of 40 should only work for 3 days a week!

The daily 9 to 5 routine is pretty exhausting and gets more challenging both physically and mentally we grow old. It can completely drain you And more so in the absence of a daily habit of exercise. After reaching the age of 40, one should restrict to just three working days as research shows long…

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Stop eating blackened toast as it can cause cancer, says food study by UK

With our life running at a fast pace, we find it difficult to give quality time to cook a nutritious meal for ourselves. The stressful lifestyle make us the victims and we become deprived of healthy as well as nutritious diet. At times we try to eat breakfast which is of low fat and high…

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See the benefits of onion slice for your tooth!

You might have heard about the medicinal benefits of onion in different diseases! However, today, we will discuss at length the different benefits which can liberate you from the clutches of different diseases by using onion. You can really benefit a lot by consuming onions in various ways. The most surprising yet stunning fact is…

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Want to stop hiccups? These are the eight foolproof ways!

We all hate hiccups! At most of the time, we are busy finding solutions for it. However, many times, these solutions fail. Hence we bring you eight foolproof ways which can help in stopping of these unwanted hiccups. These methods can stop the involuntary contractions which are made by your diaphragm. 1. Hold Your Breath…

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10 Bizarre medical conditions!

Alien Hand Syndrome It is a disease in which there is involuntary movement of limbs. But, mostly movement of hand is involved. Strokes, Brain disorders and other neurodegenerative disorders are also responsible for this disease. This disease is makes the control of limbs involuntary means they move as they are not in control. Persistent Genital…

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Want to get a surprise? See the effects of placing a clothespin on your ear for a few seconds!

Ours is a human body and it can spell trouble in any form, either in the form of pains or spasms at any point of time. Just one little inflammation and the body experiences intense pain. Hence to counteract such actions, there is something like kicking your organs into action. The result of such action…

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Viral Medical news: These costly surgeries could be avoided. Amazing facts!

The medical occupation is one of the most important professions in human society as many of us rely on them for safety of our lives. Moreover, with the advancement of medical technology, doctors usually suggest surgeries as most comfortable method to avoid problem in longer race. But in severe cases such as Cancer it is…

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5 Amazing Yoga Poses for Weight Loss for US citizens that work!

Major lifestyle changes over the last few decades have contributed to unhealthy eating habits among people. This is the number one reason for obesity. People are realizing the negative impacts of such unhealthy weight gain. Yoga is an age old practice followed by people from all over the world.  It is perfect for losing weight…

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Amazing tips to tighten the loose skin after weight loss naturally

After all the hard work and sweat to lose weight , the results don't make you happy because what you achieve is loose and saggy skin. Yes, the weight has been reduced but the skinny clothes don’t fit in the loose skin.  Here we come for help, below we present some tips and tricks to tighten…

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