You have a point of longevity in your body. This is what happens if it is massaged!

According to one Japanese legend, it tells about a man who lived centuries ago and had received invaluable knowledge from his father, the information of the longevity point or a point of a hundred diseases. There is called as the Point of Longevity and it is also known as point of hundred diseases. The massaging…

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Don’t ever ignore a head injury, it could be dangerous!

One should not neglect head injuries by assuming that it is not serious. This could be a grave mistake you are making. There are instances when head injuries have resulted in lasting and serious health issues. Even when you see no symptom of a serious problem it is always better to consult a doctor. Here…

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Prevent number of diseases with powerful honey and cinnamon mixture!

The biggest advantage with home remedies is that they provide with the goodness of medicinal properties as well as they sustain health. In addition to that, these home remedies are free from chemicals and they are very reasonable in terms of cost. However despite of several of these herbal ingredients curing various diseases, scientists and…

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These uses of essential black pepper oil are amazing!

Black Pepper is considered as King of Spices as it enhances the taste of food we eat as well as beneficial for us in every possible way. It is mentioned in Ayurveda, Unani and many more traditional medicine texts. People who are native to India are familiar about this spice; we have 5 amazing benefits…

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Beware! These are the signs of life threatening mold illness!

Mold illness – Type of illness that happens due to living in environment filled with mold. Places such as water damaged buildings; places with too much water around are perfect breeding grounds for mold. Mold causes illness without allergies and is capable of causing infections and toxic reactions. It can be life threatening unless you…

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Insufficient water intake could be dangerous. Can lead to health disorders!

After oxygen, water is the most important element of survival because it helps in the proper functioning of the body. Our body consist of 70% water and it has been excreted every day through urination, bowel movements, and sweat. An adult male and an adult female should drink daily about 3 litres and 2.2 litres…

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OMG! The tooth pain informs which body organ has a problem.

It sounds almost weird and amazing that the health of your teeth correspond to health of various organs in our body. This has been said by experts or doctors.  Experts researched and found that upper and lower incisors correspond to the state of kidneys, bladder and ears. Canine teeth reflect the health of the liver…

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Having split nails, you are deficient in this mineral.

Continuous split nails creates irritation to an individual. Instead of going for cosmetic remedial measures, one should be concerned about bodily health which is giving us warning that you are lacking in something and due to that you are suffering from splitting of nails.  The reason behind split and broken nails is a manganese deficiency.…

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Avoid Microwave ovens! They result in dangerous disease you are unaware of!

One thing that could be easily found in most of the kitchens nowadays is microwave oven. Through the food, microwave radiations are sent by the ovens that make the water molecules move so quickly that heat the food from inside. The molecules of the food are damaged structurally since the polarity of molecules is turned…

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