Fashion trends in year 2018 you should not miss!

A common and popular practice or style in accessories, footwear, clothing, makeup, body and hairstyle is thus termed as fashion. Fashion could be described as a reflection of change such as change in political, economic, social or cultural change. Fashion is unique, peculiar and often exclusive trend in style in which a person dresses himself.…

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Finding difficult to select your perfume? Follow your zodiac sign!

Applying a fragrance is not only meant for the reason to be around people. But it also judges our persona and quality. But problem lies where we have to choose a single scents out of numerous options. It make difficult for us to select a perfume which is best suited for us. So, in this…

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Want to look younger? These best hairstyles will work for you!

Young looking is a matter of concern for every human being especially for women. It’s like they can cross every bound to make themselves look younger. Some of their trials recommended by their experts include treatment, surgery, pills, etc. Though it’s not easy to make yourself look younger, but a little change in your look…

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Forever beauty tips for women you should not miss!

Looking beautiful has always been a matter of concern for every women. When it comes to looks and beauty, we generally follow the celebrities because they always manage to look beautiful, whether it is their bad times or good times. Though people are jealous, but still curious to know about the beauty secrets of these…

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CES – The World’s Biggest Car Tech Show

This week will see Las Vegas hosting the extravagant gadget show Known by the name CES. Over the last few years, it has been noted that big giants of the automotive industry have also attended the CES. This is both new and interesting. Several people have attended the show for about 30 times and are…

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Top 20 Garden decor ideas to beautify landscape by Stonemart

Rock gardens lend a natural beauty to the yard. When decorating the yard, natural and organic materials should be the first choice. A plain backyard can undergo a refreshing change when rocks (sculpted or otherwise) are used to decorate the space. Given below in this article are 20 garden décor ideas using rocks and other…

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Mamas sharing wacky comments they came across while breastfeeding

Mom of three and Tennessee based lifestyle photographer Nicki Kaylor has taken the initiative to normalize breastfeeding. This photographer has been the victim of stares and rude comments while breastfeeding in the public. So to avoid, this mother used to feed her child in car. In last month, Nicki organized an event called “Latched with…

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Amazing!! Man gives birth to healthy baby boy and compelled the society to revamp its laws

      Till yet there was a misconception in the society that only women have power to give birth. This was proved wrong by a transgender man by giving birth to a healthy baby boy Leo. By doing this he has broken several barriers existing in the transgender community. Originally born as a girl,…

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