Yoga-Need of the Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit

Why has Yoga become the most significant part of every individual life? Why has it got the international recognition? Well, the answer lies within the word Yoga. “Yoga” is a Sanskrit word which means to unite, symbolizing the union of the body with the consciousness, thought with the actions, restraint and the fulfillment, unanimity between…

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Amazing Feng Shui tips to get happiness and prosperity in life!

It is important to keep the negative energies away from home for better health, wealth and happiness of the family members. For a positive looking home that is free from negative energy, beautification, de-cluttering and creation of space are some of the basic tips. In addition to this, another thing that most of the people…

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Be very very careful when going for these beauty treatments

We all love to relax and splurge in the beauty salons, after all who doesn’t like to feel fresh and pampered by the beauty treatments, but do you know some of thesebeauty treatments may be potentially damaging to your health? Below we present a few: Pedicures While we all love to just relax and get…

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Are you an Introvert and want to be an Extrovert then follow these points

If you are the person who usually declines familiar approaches and always remains reserved, then it becomes very difficult for such a person to get into an environment which has concerns with outer affairs. Thus, to make one comfortable in such a sociable environment here are few hacks to cope up with such persona, though…

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These 7 hairstyles will make you look much younger and boost your confidence

Looking younger humanity’s dream.People try everything under the sun in order to look young. Surgery, pills, alternate treatmentshave been recommended by professionals that make you look young. Just by making a few changes in your physique and looks, particularly your hairstyle can make a lot of difference. You need to change your hairstyle according to…

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The ideal male body type that attracts maximum women has been identified by science!

Most of the men seem clueless when it comes to answering which body type attracts maximum female attention but science has answer now. It's not the toned, 6 pack abs body that most females shout for but something that you might have too. Read more to find what according to science is the body that…

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7 common mistakes in our type of clothes that prevent us from looking our best!

Everyday we hit the gym for burning calories, diet and eat green apples throughout the week all to look goodbut when it comes to day of the big date or the most important business presentation we end up looking the worst form of ourselves. The clothes play a very important role and can even overshadow…

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