Top 10 Earning Bloggers around the World

In today’s world, blogging has become a part of some of their daily lives, although it took time to become immensely successful. Today’s scenario is such that people interact on their daily basis with the help of blogs, either by showing their contribution to the blog, or just be reading and giving comments to the…

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Scientific study says it’s possible to bring the dead back to life

Scientific research has just gone one step further in the ambitious quest for regenerating the brains of clinically dead people. If this doesn’t seem fascinating enough, then associated studies have now proven that consciousness exists even when you’re dead and though the observation lasted a whole three minutes, there is room to research in to…

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She bleeds from her eyes and no one has any idea what to do!!!

Even in the 21st century, miracles do happen! When we try to link these miracles to the scientific theories and when we find no answers, we become confused. But yes, there ave ben cases which have been leaving the scientists as well as the researchers confused. The recent case of a 17-year-old girl Marnie Rae…

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Fill a sock with this ingredient to clean your foggy windows!

Winter is known for providing a winter wonderland with the snow all around and celebration. But it also gets with it foggy windows, slippery sidewalks and cold.The constant fog on the on the car windows is definitely a cause of trouble.  Let's see what can be done about it. There is kitty litter to clear…

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Shocking! One in two children will be autistic by 2025

Have you ever given a thought as to why the children of are generation sicklier than the previous generation! Out of the several factors responsible for increasing rate of diseases, change in agriculture process is the main cause leading to increasing rate of autism, asthma and other childhood diseases. Research conducted has led to establishing…

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A 3 year old woke up paralysed and parents got a shock when they came to know of the reason!

Parents are always concerned about their child’s health and take several steps to ensure that their children remain in  the pink of health.  Imagine the horror of these parents who found their child completely paralysed one morning even though he was completely healthy the night before. They were completely clueless regarding the reason. The boy…

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China comes up with an amazing way to get rid of its pollution!

Pollution is taking a toll on the life of human beings. It is becoming difficult day by day to cope with this  biggest problem facing mankind. We ourselves are responsible for taking pollution to such alarming levels through our activities like deforestation, industrialisation. China in recent Times has come out as the no one country…

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Here comes the oldest and most unbelievable pics ever taken in Human History!

Humans forever have had a love for clicking photographs while capturing random moments. The most memorable clicks have been shot in early 1800s. Now lets look at some of the best photographs clicked by camera… The First Men Captured in the picture It was in 1838 when this picture was clicked by  by Louis Daguerre…

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Beware! Attacker can unlock your android in just 5 minutes

You might be feeling delighted with a feature of pattern lock provided in every Android, which provides high security to your data but on the other hand, it is quite shocking to know that any pattern lock can be cracked in 5 easy attempts.  But, according to the security expert, it is easier to trace…

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