Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels Around the World!

Have you ever thought of such hotels in your city that are epitome of splendor? If not, then go through this article which contains the list of top 10 luxurious hotels which are beyond embellishment and where famous celebrities stay. These are world’s famous first class hotels which might be the acme of rejuvenation for…

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Top 10 Haunted Places on the Earth!

You might have heard several scary stories in your childhood but can you digest the fact that there still exists haunted places on this earth. Whether you believe it or not, but there are several places which have real stories and tales related with it. These places are termed as Haunted Places and because of…

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Top 10 Mysterious Places That Will Let Your Eyes Wide Open!

We live on a planet that always surprises us with some of the other natural peculiarity. There are certain places that are challenging us to get there while other places are forever tourist destinations. Research is being done and still, scientists are searching for the reasons, but the mysteries and secrets are still to reveal.…

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Evgeny Lushpin’s Spectacular Landscape Paintings will Inspire You!

One of the best artist that was considered in our time was Evgeny Lushpin, a Russian artist. Inspired and experienced by the mysterious and richest time since years, he creates a spectacular and magnificent landscape paintings, from which the romance and fresh air are breathing. For his work, he choose urban natural landscape, giving them…

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Some of the most Life-threatening and death-dealing rivers in the world!

Rivers are the most uncertain forces which plays a vital role in global ecosystem. Despite being dangerous in many ways, it provides a diverse necessities for land and living creatures. But hen on one hand they provide transportation and livelihood to the people, on the other hand the same river giving live and wealth sometimes…

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Spectacular Fountains around the World that will make you go crazy!

Ever seen such wonderful and magnificent fountains? If not, then think of it. There are many such fountains round the world which are worth a million words. The beauty lies in its freshness and purity because water is considered a clearest thing in the world. In this article, you can have a look on some…

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