If you dream to visit these popular tourist destinations, you need to think again as truth is really disappointing!

Greece, Paris, the Great Wall of China.. and a number of scenic locations are enough to compel you open your mouth with a big WOW. But, sometimes the truth is different than your expectations. Have a look at the world's most sought tourist destinations and their reality at Netmarkers. What you Expect: See on next…

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There are many destinations to chill out, but why people are crazy for these 10?

If you are looking for best and cool places to visit in summer season then you can make your summers chilling by visiting to some cool and beautiful destinations in the world. As we all know that each and every country is amazingly beautiful in its own but there are some countries which are extraordinary…

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10 OMG Facts About Costa Rica!!

Costa Rica is the rainforest of Central American Country with the coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Although, its capital is San Jose which is the home of cultural activities like Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful beaches, biodiversity and volcanoes. Quarter area of the Costa Rica is made…

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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World you can’t Miss

If you are planning to get married then, first thing you must plan in advance is your honeymoon. Here are the 10 most amazing honeymoon destinations in the world by Netmarkers you would like to select for your honeymoon. 1.Cape Town, South Africa: Cape Town is perfect for your honeymoon since it has great landscapes,…

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Some Of The Magnificent Hotels In The World Build Underwater

For the lovers of marine life, an underwater hotel is one of the most adventurous things that they could enjoy. It provides an opportunity to experience the underwater life and beauty very closely. Here is the list of some extravagant underwater hotels. Jules’ Undersea Lodge Constructed in early 1970, this hotel is filled with most…

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