These are the top amazing 10 creatures of Ocean!

Gigantocrypis Gigatocrypis is one of the animal from cyprinidae family. This peculiar looking creature used to live inside and out of 1300 meter under ocean. The round formed Gigatocrypis shows up as transparent in nature, can see little seed cases inside it. Mammoth Isopod Mammoth isopods are larges isopods in the word found in Pacific,…

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Starving Pit bulls Rescued from Horrific Condition!

Near Lake Mathews in California, an awful smell was coming from a home in the neighborhood. The heat of the summer was making it unbearable. The report was done regarding the suspicious smell and officers came for investigation. But, what was discovered inside was just unbelievable. John Welsh, senior public information specialist with Riverside County Animal…

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These 10 touching stories of rescued cats are sure to melt your heart!

Cats are the beautiful animals that need our love and care. These little creatures are full of love and cuddles. Millions of cats are there that need your love and protection. Every year, many cats are rescued from the severe conditions, some of them are also adopted. The article presents stories of 10 cats that…

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Humans shot a bullet in the head of this Elephant but what he gave in return will bring tears in your eyes

It’s been almost 2 months, an elephant found himself in a  trouble, but the good thing is that he was knowing what he should do to get rid of it. In the month of June, an Elephant in the Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe was shot by a bullet in his head. However, he…

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