This mother was responsible for putting her kid’s life in danger just because of internet

Shocking facts about wifi we bet you don't know or believe In today’s world the usage of internet has increased tremendously. It has been proved that Wi-Fi is affecting overall health of the individual especially the children. Since the introduction of Wi-Fi in 1997, researchers have performed dozen of studies to explore the subject. And…

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How to deal with child’s misbehavior every mommy should know !!

Parenting is very difficult and it is even more difficult to understand the children behavior and to react according to it. You might have notice that your little ones suddenly become aggressive, expresses anger and throws their toys around. Here in this article experts are explaining how to address their behavior in the most effective…

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Tips by best Parenting portal: Don’t fight in front of the children

Don’t fight in front of the children Although fighting in the front of the children is not prevented completely. But its important for the growth of the parents that they do arguments in a healthy way. Find how the handle complex arguments in front of your child. Fight fair Fighting fair includes no screaming, threatening…

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