The Baby Gone Viral On Internet Because She Was Born With Hair All Over The Head

The coming generation is much luckier than the previous generations. They are naturally given with something which is making them viral all over the internet. They are famous all around the world without any efforts and they are enriched with the quality of becoming famous through their vain. Their excited parents are responsible for making…

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Batman V Superman: What’s so special about them that people are crazy for them? Have a look!

The movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is already released in March 2016. Because of the ongoing battle between superman and batman everyone is seeking to watch this movie.  In this battle everyone has to take side of one hero and same has to be done by Movie stars. In this movie, Jennifer Lawrence…

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See how badly this Taliban Suicide bomber ruins the Easter celebration of Christians! You will get tears in your eyes!

In a public park in Lahore, Christian families were celebrating the festival of Easter on Sunday when a suicide bomber from Taliban ruins their celebration with his evil deeds. Number of people was there in the park and all were enjoying the celebration. So what happened suddenly that converts the environment of joy and happiness…

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What was found on the Ocean floor was as haunting as the Titanic! Have a look!

Ocean, only the word is enough to fill the mind with thousands of fascinating thoughts. There are several mysterious things that are often discovered at the ocean floor. We never know what may come next in the journey of going down the ocean depths in search of some hidden and unknown facts. Here we are…

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This Friendship Between A Dog And An Owl has gone viral and there are reasons for it!

Dog is one of the friendly natured animals which is considered as the best friend of Human Being but there are some stories which exists in the world that are away from the imaginations. An amazing friendship between a dog and an owl is shocking and most important part of the story is that they…

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“Yesterday they killed me”. Their tragic death questions double standard media! Why this death goes viral?

The tragic death of 2 girls from Argentina came into limelight due to an incidence. The two were murdered brutally in Ecuador. But why they were murdered? What happened next that the case got so viral, and how it is all connected to "Yesterday they killed me". Have a look on the next slides at…

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What happened that a man sleeping, suddenly caught fire? Reasons shocked even the scientists.

A man was sleeping but suddenly his body emitted fire. His chest and stomach were emitting fire and no one knows the exact reason behind this. This was really a shocking incident which shocked the scientists as well because no one knows the reason why this happened with this man. He did not move at…

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Madonna pulls down Josephine’s top in front of all, but her reaction was speachless

How will you react when someone onstage ( in front of the whole world) would flash your breast? Whatever will be your answer, you will be shocked to hear what the teenage girl Josephine Georgiou, said when Madonna removed her top during her concert in Brisbane. See on Next slide what this 17 years old teenage…

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