A Puppy Rescued From Under the Rocks after a Month and what happens next will melt your heart!

Some of the people, who were passing by the cluster of rock, heard a very sad voice, which seem to be crying for the help. When the people realized that it was the voice of the small puppy, they immediately stopped for helping it. A local rescue groups was called by the people in order…

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Jennie’s story is among the most mysterious viral stories! Reasons are revealing now! Part-49

Trending and viral News Story in New York so far: Jennie’s story seems to be the story of biggest conspiracy and murder of faith! Part-48 Kevin's interrogation revealed a lot about this most viral case of New York. So, far all the things are pointing towards Kevin and Alice for the death of Jennie. But is…

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Kevin is caught and what he revealed is hard to believe! Part-34

Trending and viral story of Jennie, New York so far: Stranger called Alice all alone! Is he the culprit? Is he against the death of Jennie? Part-33 Kevin was talking to Alice and suddenly the cops arrived. He was shocked to see them and same was the reaction of Alice. You called cops? How can you…

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Jennie revealed her past and it was really hard to believe for Alice! Jennie suffered a lot! Part-17

Trending and viral News story of Jennie, New York so far: Life was going far away from Jennie.. Was she able to stop? Part-16 I was driving like anything as even a thought of losing Kevin was enough to kill me. Finally, I was there at the airport and managed to get in. I was going…

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Life was going far away from Jennie.. Was she able to stop? Part-16

Trending and viral story of Jennie, New York so far: Kevin wanted to get away from Jennie… how it’s possible and why? Jennie has no answers! Part-15 Finally, she started speaking! You are right, I would have said all this on that day but Kevin, it was Kevin who asked me to conceal the fact. I…

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OMG!!! The stories behind these terrifying pictures are even more horrifying!

In present situation, time has changed drastically and so does the mentality of people. These people are so frustrated that they undertook certain actions that are really very scary. They used to torture or even kill people out of frustration or jealousy. Even children used to harm toddlers. This situation is really very depressing. Go…

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