Explore these must visit breathtaking places in the world!!!

Mount Roraima, Venezuela/Brazil/Guyana One of the oldest mountain formations on Earth is Mount Roraima that forms a natural border between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana in South America which is also known as Cerro Roraima or Roraima Tepui. The breathtaking view of this place where one can get a new way of seeing things and can find…

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Do not miss the chance to discover the most secretive places on the earth!!!

Area 51, Southern Nevada, USA Viral with the name Area 51, this is a secret military base. After the infamous Roswell UFO crash that has taken place in 1947, it is said that this place was the home to the captured alien fleet that was flying alien bodies and saucers. The US govt. is denying…

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10 OMG Facts About Costa Rica!!

Costa Rica is the rainforest of Central American Country with the coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Although, its capital is San Jose which is the home of cultural activities like Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful beaches, biodiversity and volcanoes. Quarter area of the Costa Rica is made…

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