5 Amazing Yoga Poses for Weight Loss for US citizens that work!

Major lifestyle changes over the last few decades have contributed to unhealthy eating habits among people. This is the number one reason for obesity. People are realizing the negative impacts of such unhealthy weight gain. Yoga is an age old practice followed by people from all over the world.  It is perfect for losing weight…

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Say goodbye to poor vision with these amazing 5 Yoga Poses to Make Your Eyes Better

In the current world, people are always busy in their work. Most people spend most of their time in front of computer. Now days most of the office work is done on computers, which can really make your eyes feel tired. The life is becoming more complex with unhealthy lifestyle. We often work about our…

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World celebrating International Yoga Day on 21 June, 2016! Amazing Facts

21 June 2016, the world is celebrating International Yoga Day but how many of you know the message it delivers? And most importantly, how it affects your life? Since, International Yoga Day is trending, let's have a look at amazing facts and take oath of starting a new form of living from today on. Yoga…

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Get rid of the stress hormones from the body with these simple and amazing yoga poses!!!

In present, every single person is suffering from the problem of stress due to the trending lifestyle, work load, pressure of deadline etc. It results in number of problems that affect the personal as well as professional life of the person and the he loses temper easily. The stress hormones like cortisol are released by…

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