Know the cause of your death video goes viral- Netmarkers

There are few videos that are meant to be viral as they have everything to grasp your attention. This thrilling video is trending and got viral as it has something so shocking that you won't believe your eyes. See it but don't try to find out the cause of your death.

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Amazing Cat Video with hilarious expressions make her viral and in trending- Netmarkers

Animal videos are incomplete without including the cat videos. Cats love watching horror movies and you'll love this cat's expressions watching the movie. It is still viral and trending and that's why included for animal lovers to enjoy this video at Netmarkers.

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Video of a dog playing with a marble ball goes viral. Hilarious!

Dogs are cute and there's nothing that could compare their cuteness. This video of a dog goes viral due to the way this dog is playing with the marble. Have a look at this trending video from the viral animal videos category and do watch it till end to die laughing. Hilarious!

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Trending, Video of puppies eating food got viral- Viral Animal videos

This video of puppies is viral and in trending because of their cutest way of playing together and enjoying their meal. All these black puppies roll around their food making you laugh like anything. Enjoy this amazing dogs video as a gift from Netmarkers.

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Trending video of crocodiles hunting Zebra- Size Doesn’t matters- Netmarkers

In yet another viral animal videos series, here's the trending video of crocodiles hunting zebra. It is among the extreme attracts and sure to compel you in the category of most trending and viral animal videos.

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Trending and viral Animal Videos: Eagle hunting deer an amazing way- Netmarkers

Eagle lovers are many and almost equal or little less than other animal lovers. Well here's a surprise for all Eagle or Bird lovers in the form of viral video of Eagle hunting a big deer. Yes, believe it or not, but its true and that's why this bird video is trending. Enjoy your hunter…

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Trending, viral video of the most intelligent bird hunting fish- Netmarkers

Humans are considered to be the wisest of all. But do you really feel animals or even birds are less brainy? Have a look at this trending and viral video of the most intelligent bird hunting fish. Observe it carefully and see what it is doing initially and what it gets in the end as…

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Snails enjoying a ride on a bonsai plant- Netmarkers

Snails are normally seen near the water reserves in mud but it was nice to see 2 snails riding on a bonsai plant in my garden today. It was nice to see them enjoying ride on the plant and the way they move from one branch to another. Surprising was to see they were not…

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