Top Ten Website Development Companies In Birmingham

Are you looking for best website development companies in Birmingham? The below list will give you an insight of top companies that provide outstanding web design and development service. A website represents your business and showcases your products and services. An exemplary website can drive huge traffic and gain potential leads. These leads when converted…

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Do Not Miss The Amazing Mobile Phones Available Under INR 15000

If you are looking forward to buy a new phone or upgrade the old but budget is posing problem then have a look at the list of amazing mobile phones under 15000. Wide ranges of customers are catered by smart phones in this segment. Not just these mobile phones are affordable; their performance is also…

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Google Home Review: An Amazing Home Speaker That Gave A Run For Its Money To Amazon Echo’s Alexa

Today’s Scenario is such that we all have got used to our smart phones or digital assistants. Both Siri and Google Assistants have destroyed us rotten, allowing us to express in words the orders and questions and making our phone to execute them without even lifting a finger. Now it is obvious that the next…

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Facebook Data Leak Scam? Beware!

This is a broad statement issued by the CEO of Facebook “Mark Zuckerberg” apologizing in front of the public for the recent wrong doings in the social media, after his hearing in front of the US congress. After delivering his official statement, Mark Zuckerberg argued that Facebook is not meant for misuse, bit it is…

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Top 10 Earning Bloggers around the World

In today’s world, blogging has become a part of some of their daily lives, although it took time to become immensely successful. Today’s scenario is such that people interact on their daily basis with the help of blogs, either by showing their contribution to the blog, or just be reading and giving comments to the…

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Four Things You should Know About This Popular App : Sarahah

Sarahah is the new social media app which is gaining popularity not only in Apple’s mobile marketplace but also in Android. Developed by the Saudi Developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq, this app allows users to receive anonymous messages or comments.   The description of Sarahah states that the app "helps you in discovering your strengths and areas…

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