Top 10 Dangerous Hanging Bridges In The World!

  Hanging bridges were constructed in the earlier days for the purpose of easy commuting but now days many of these lost their value because of evolution of technology. Anyhow, hanging bridges still exist in different parts of the world. Here are the list of top 10 most dangerous hanging bridges in the world.  …

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Want To Safeguard Yourself? Here are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Guns!

In today’s world it is getting hard being safer day-by-day. Because of this reason every other person prefer to keep some weapons or agents that safeguards them. One of the leading weapons to save from enemies are Guns. And due to this reason almost every nations’ military invest on guns as they are quite useful…

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World’s Top 10 Stunning Nightclubs!

In the late 70’s there had been iconic clubs like Paradise Garage, Tunnel, Hacienda, etc.  At that time these clubs used to earn ancient and traditional status by throwing the best parties. But the fashion of clubbing has developed beyond recognition. In today’s time there has opened countless luxurious nightclubs that offers a vibrant nightlife.…

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Why to be Afraid of Being Alone at Home if you have a Dog? These Wonderful Drawings will Prove it!

Yaoyao Ma Van, an illustrator, artist and animator is mostly engaged in her favorite hobby in his spare time, which is drawing. In her drawings, she mainly includes two characters, her dog Parker and herself. Her drawings are based on the story for each of her works. Yaoyao feels quite comfortable with her pet Parker,…

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Top 10 Awe-Inspiring Books That You Must Read!

#MeTooEra encourages women and men either to speak in favor of great equality or against sexual misconduct. But reading and knowing about other people’s story might be inspiring and motivating, as these books help us to plan a better future for every person in a society. Personal essays and exceptional quality works, either new or…

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Top 10 Haunted Places on the Earth!

You might have heard several scary stories in your childhood but can you digest the fact that there still exists haunted places on this earth. Whether you believe it or not, but there are several places which have real stories and tales related with it. These places are termed as Haunted Places and because of…

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Top 10 Books You Will Definitely Love To Read

Red Queen Stood proudly at No 1. in the list of top 10 books to read, this is the novel of young adult fantasy written by Victoria Aveyard and published in February 2015. It was the first novel written by the Victoria Aveyard. The Red Queen won the Good reads choice award 2015 for Goodreads…

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Top 10 YouTube Stars that are Making Millions!

YouTube has become a popular platform for reaching million of viewers. These stars make millions of fans and subscribers through YouTube. Some of them are PewDiePie, Smosh, Yuva, Nigahiga and many more. Lets have a look on the top 10 YouTube stars: 1. PewDiePie 2. Germán Garmendia 3. ElrubiusOMG 4. Smosh 5. VanossGaming 6. Fernanfloo…

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Top 10 Funny Transformations using Magazine Cutouts

    Kallen Hollomon has become a sensational artist who has gained importance in the field of arts for his work that mix collage with photography. This young man questions the rules and behavior of society, fashion world and the sexual stereotypes by mixing magazine clippings with old campaigns, superimposing on real character and situations…

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