Have A Look At Tricks Behind Popular Magic Tricks

Magic tricks fascinate one and all and some of these are awe-inspiring that people cannot believe their eyes. However, there are some mysterious and dazzling magic tricks having surface clear tricks. So we are here revealing the tricks behind some famous magic tricks that will blow your mind.

Disappearance of Statue of Liberty:

This trick performed by David Copperfield in 1983 could be easily explained. The disappearance of Statue of Liberty is on account of the big screen or the huge fabric piece that covered it completely in front of viewers. Just spotlights were on and other monument illumination was turned off. Hollow space illusion is created by this simple preparations in which audience were blinded with lights set.

Disappearance of Statue of Liberty-Netamrkers


Disappearance of a giant truck:

This trick includes disappearance of a huge truck surrounded from all sides by audience. In this, a special construction is draped over truck, fake audience is created that include all friends and then the truck is driven out from construction by someone. When drapes are taken off, no truck is there anymore. This is the reason why only TV shows present this trick.

Disappearance of a giant truck-Netmarkers


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