Scared By The Looks? These Animals Are Actually Harmless

It is a true fact that just the looks are not enough to judge the nature of a human being or any living organism.  We have already seen the list of cute looking dangerous animals. Today we are going to discuss about animals that looks scary but are harmless in nature.

Giant African Millipede:

These millipedes are world’s largest with 15 inch of length and 4 inch of thickness giving small snake like look. These herbivores are completely harmless in real world since they can neither sting nor bite. At the time of facing predators, their long body is coiled by millipedes in the shape of a spiral. The movements of these millipedes seem very attractive with their 250 legs. They are found in several parts of Africa under rainforest rocks in moist soil.

Giant African Millipede-Netmarkers


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