5 costliest animals in the world you will love to buy!

The people of Britain admire to keep pets and can spent over $5 billion per year on different kinds of pets. The tradition of animal friends since centuries have a lasting care and love for animals whether it is a bird, furry animals, dashing horse or exotic fish. History depicts that a man kept a…

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Giving these foods to your Pet…stop immediately!

Milk While a glass of cold milk can do your body great, the same can't be said for your pets. Neither felines nor pooches come outfitted with frameworks that intrinsically convey enough lactase (the protein that separates lactose). Thus, presenting cow's milk or milk-based items like dessert into their eating regimens can prompt digestive issues…

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Totally harmless animals that looks scary

Aye-Aye This beast looking creature is a primate found in Madagascar. Yes ayes have various uncommon qualities, including a long, hard, witch-like center finger that they use to pry creepy crawlies and grubs from tree trunks. Basking sharks Seeing this present shark's totally open mouth weighing down on you may appear like a plunging nightmare…

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Here is the reason why fatal cancer is threatening Tasmanian devils!

Scientists have found some amazing facts involving a common disease that attacks Tasmanian devils.  DFT (devils facial tumor) repeatedly attacks Tasmanian devils and is incurable. As per latest research, tumor cells in the DFT possess the ability to disguise them and hide from the animals immune systems. The tumor uses a kind of molecular deception…

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Drive away evil spirits and negative spirits away from home with a cat!

Drive away evil spirits and negative spirits away from home with a cat Cats have a protective aura which protects its owner. Cats are magical creatures with positive astral energy that can be transferred to you each time when cat brushes your leg. Cats protect homes from evil spirits and ghosts who may haunt a…

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You can afford a super car but not these expensive animals!

Maintaining pets is a costly affair. Due to boom in pet industry in UK , it cost approximately £17,000 pounds to maintain a pet according to Sainsbury pet Insurance Company. In Britain, on yearly basis almost £ 5 billion is being spent on various types of pets. Regardless of exotic fish or furry animals, birds…

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Top 10 Most Strange Looking Birds in the World!

Unusual shape, abnormal plumage, malformation of beaks makes some species of birds so strange. Some of them also show weird habits in diet, flight, and mating. List of 10 most strange looking birds in the world. 1 California condor Brownish red eyes, featherless head, ivory colored bill and the standing black feathers around neck. Only 437…

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Top 10 Highly Dangerous Spiders of the World!

Over 5% people from all over the world suffer with Arachnophobia, which is the fear of spiders. However, there is not much to fear from these little creatures. These eight legged creatures can be found at many places and seems to have taken an important place in th lives of humans. The fear of spiders…

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Beware! These are the 10 Most Dangerous Snakes In the World

Snakes are very creepy and can scare anyone. There are many species of snakes that are found all over the world. These snakes can be potentially dangerous for humans, due to their highly poisonous venom. Some of the snakes are common, but some are rarely seen. These creatures can immobilize their prey and can kill…

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