Incredible Facts About Animals You Will Not Believe

One of the most diverse places on the plane is animal kingdom having more than 7.77 million species on an average. While many of us are aware of this biodiversity breadth, some amazing facts are there about animals that are not known to humans. Even those counted amongst great animal lovers are unaware of these amazing facts about animals.

Bugs are repelled by stripes of zebra:

Bugs are repelled by stripes of zebra-Netmarkers

A research conducted on zebras has found that the white and black strips on their body serve the purpose of fending the bugs off as an evolutionary feature.

Tools are skillfully used by sea otters:

Tools are skillfully used by sea otters-Netmarkers

It is a misconception that only humans have the ability of using tools. Scientists have found in several studies that dolphins and sea otters are able to make use of tools. While this phenomenon is new in case of dolphins, sea otters are believed to have this skill from millions of years.


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