Top 10 Most Powerful Animals In The World- You Won’t Believe Who Holds The 1st Position

Our world is filled with several incredible and unbelievable facts. While we find some of these as interesting, the other completely blow offer our mind. Here we are discussing about the 10 most powerful animals having strength that is only a dream thing for even strongest of human. Different kinds of strength are there in different animals. While brute force powers some of them making them able to drag, lift, pull or carry massive weights. The others too might have giant power even when their size is much smaller. So, let us being the list of top 10 most powerful animals in the world. You will not believe who stands on position of 2nd and 1st.

Grizzly bear:

Grizzly Bear-Netmarkers

This is the animal having immense strength. Grizzly bear comes on top when it is the mention of pure strength since it is able to life weight that is 0.8 times the weight of its body i.e. about 500kg.


We all have movies based on this massive snake in our list of favorites. This giant snake is able to clutch anything to death that weighs 250kg that is similar to its own weight.



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