Top 10 Highly Potent Animal Bites

The maximum possible force that could be exerted by human bite is just 160 psi (pounds per square inch). Even after this, human bite can lead to breaking of skin or a little painful effect. Imagine what could be the consequence of bite that is more than 10-20 times stronger compared to human? Yes, this extraordinary bite force is there in some of the animals. Here we are with the list of top 10 animals having most powerful bites. Stay careful when they are around.

650 psi bite force- Lion:


The bite force of this jungle king is not much strong compared with the other members of cat family like tiger or jaguar. The bite force of lion is just 650 psi. Since lion hunt and live in groups, strong bite force is not required by this animal for living.

1050 psi bite force- Tiger:

tiger bite force-Netmarkers

Taking all the world’s cats into consideration, the one that is  considered  to be the largest of all is Siberian tiger that is faster and stronger compared to animals. Tiger has bite force that is about double the strength of lion with force of 1050 psi.


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