Latest And Trending Street Styles In 2019 You Must Try

The world is introduced with trending and latest street styles every year from the London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. This is true for 2019 as well in which some coolest and spanking new looks are spotted for women. Everyone is immersed in inspiration with this latest street style that has blended the trends with new taste this year. We are here with the latest and trending street styles in 2019 that you must try for a stylish look.

Bags with multi belt:

Bags with multi-belt-Netmarkers

The bag with multi-belt style is the perfect pick for securing things by clinching it to the waist. This season, the multi-belt style bags have emerged as a noteworthy trend where the belt has several bags attached with it. This could be paired with dress or blazer for versatility where you can look stylish while being hands free.

Shoulder pads oversized jackets:

Shoulder pads oversized jackets-Netmarkers

This staple of 80s is back in trend in full swing with pad blazers in oversized shoulders. Tiny waist illusion is created by the broad shoulders of these jackets with effortless style. Whatever the occasion is, the trend serves perfect for casual outing, official events etc.


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