The most amazing and beautiful 3D street arts in the world!

How would you define 3D Street arts? Its not a vandalism kind move; however, it an interesting and pleasant way to add color or the gray, fast and busy lives we live in. A renowned artist, Julian Beever came up with breathtaking masterpieces which stopped one and all and asked them to admire it. They…

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Do you know that your birthdate can say a lot about you!

Believe it or not! Your birthdate has lot to speak about your future, destiny, karma and personality. You might be getting a shock of your life with this statement but it is very much true. If you love dabbling in astrology and are looking forward to find other alternative to know about your personality and…

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21 reasons why your school friends remain your forever friends

We always look back fondly on the years gone by and associate to them. This is why we look forward to the Facebook memories that keep coming up. Our high school friends remain our life Long companions, the reasons are mentioned below- You grew up together During your school years you grew day by day…

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Why different types of sports important for your kid?

When we talk from the viewpoint of the physical and mental exercise, then we learn that the participation of children in sports is extremely crucial. Here, one can say that the indoor games like Chess and Scrabble are extremely crucial for the mental development of the child. On the other hand, it is also important…

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Include Physical Education for entertainment can benefit your child!

Physical Education (P.E.) is like Secondary Education now-a- days in schools as well as at homes. Till 90's, Physical Education was on a daily time-table in both the places. How and when academics replaced it, nobody can tell. Yes, we know the Why? In this world of competition, we want our kids to exceed academically…

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Hey girls! Look men would love you if you know these nine things

Many couples, despite sharing a lovely relationship, lack in communication! Without proper communication, there can be a bridge in between. Hence it is crucial which you should be knowing at any cost. Following are a few mandatory facts which girls in relation should know: Men don’t know what women want Make communication must-thing in your…

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How can you benefit by changing the frequency of your music to 432 Hz!

The most amazing reason why you should change the frequency of your music to 432 Hz. Matter is energy which exists in the lowest possible vibration, says Einstein philosophy, adding that this possible vibration then becomes perceptible to our senses. Even Nikola Tesla has confirmed this fact with a quote saying, “If you want to find the…

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10 most iconic moments clicked by camera

Are you aware of the fact that photographers across the world have been clicking some fabulous pictures which have made a mark on global horizons? They have captured certain moments which have become memorable and immortalised in the history frame. Now, let’s sneak peek into the 10 such iconic moments clicked by photo journalists which…

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