You will be surprised after knowing the 12 unknown facts about Titanic!

The sinking of the Titanic has always been one of Maritime history’s biggest mystery. Here are some interesting facts of the ill fated ship combined with the iconic movie by James Cameron in 1997. Some of these unknown facts about the Titanic will truly leave you amazed wondering how such things were possible.

 The movie TITANIC was more expensive than the ship itself!



Way back in 1012 the cost of the building this gigantic ship was roughly around $750000 and believe it or not it cost whopping $2000000 to make the movie in 1997! As according to the 2013 inflation rates in US goes this amount would shoot to somewhere around $176,482,575 and $290,289,096 respectively.

The Flask happy friend with Rose and jack while sinking in the movie was a Real person!

Chief baker Charles Joughin-Netmarkers

The name was Chief baker Charles Joughin. He attributed alcohol which kept his body warm while submerged in icy water.


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